E-commerce & omni-channel

You might have cross channel ambitions or you might just want to provide a better customer experience. The House of Marketing can guide you to bring your organisation to the next level or can help you with very specific topics along your journey.

We can provide training, operational or strategic support on a wide range of topics in the following domains in an omni-channel context:

  • E-commerce basics
  • Organic acquisition
  • Paid acquisition
  • Analytics
  • Customer experience
  • Content marketing
  • Customer retention
  • Data centralisation (Big Data)

How we can tackle your e-commerce challenges

First of all, we do a quick scan to define your level of omni-channel / e-commerce maturity and to detect pain points and opportunities.

The outcome of this diagnostic will be taken into account when we walk together with you through these three phases.



We typically start with defining the omni-channel vision & strategy.

What are the objectives & growth opportunities, who are we talking to, What is the online value proposition, how will we create the roadmap to sales and customer engagement?



Project Management

Within the ‘build phase’ we define the functional requirements & select a suitable vendor & platform. 

A detailed planning and phasing will be set-up, including website building, defining strategic partnerships & creating campaign templates.   


Consultancy & Implementation

We test & optimize.

Attract & reach: growth hacking and building traffic. Engage: develop content strategy, define retention and loyalty strategy. Convert: focus on optimization via A/B testing, up- & cross-selling opportunities, ROI calculation and set-up of KPI dashboards


E-commerce Barometer

The E-commerce Barometer 2017 brings forward accurate information on Belgian e-commerce from a merchant perspective based on the real transaction data from the most reputable of sources – Payment Service Providers themselves.

You will discover:

  • Total number of new online merchants in Belgium

  • Total revenue growth of online merchants

  • Number of online merchants per segment


Alicia Bandinelli
As Junior Digital Marketing Consultant for a Belgian company in the Toy industry, I contributed to a landscape assessment of the online market and consumer profiling. This extensive market research enabled us to explore different strategic options and as a consequence develop the most suitable digital strategy for them to implement.
Laetitia Caron
For a leading brand in hygiene products, within the context of their digital transformation, I looked deeply into e-commerce and subscription service opportunities. This resulted in a pragmatic session about e-business models, and how to move forward globally.
Eline Van Hollebeke
As Digital Marketing specialist for a well-known Belgian company in the HR & services sector, I was part of the Digital Transformation team. I worked on the end-to-end roll out of the new content & e-commerce platform and I was responsible for the set-up of the reporting dashboard in order to optimize the platform and give input to the marketing team.
Filip Van de Gehuchte
Filip Vandegehuchte
Head of "E-commerce & omni-channel"

Meet your e-commerce & omni-channel SPOC

Please contact our expert Filip with any questions.

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