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Marketing Automation

3 simple reasons to invest in it

Streamline, automate and optimize your marketing tasks and flows to increase marketing efficiency, productivity & ROI.

Optimize the alignment between marketing and sales to generate new and more business.

Delight your prospects and customers using timely, relevant and tailor-made communication.

What can we do for you?


Want to know if it’s beneficial for you? Do the audit!

Are you just beginning to embrace marketing automation? We will help you to clarify the exact needs, in selecting the right tool for you and in creating your roadmap for marketing automation. We can also help you in setting up a proof of concept in a very agile way.


Convinced? Then let’s build!

Marketing automation implementation is best done through the agile methodology: think big, start small & scale fast! But first you need to prepare with e.g. persona creation & flow descriptions. With our own methodology, we can support your teams in getting ready to implement your marketing automation solution. We will always think customer & company objectives first and be a partner & challenger towards the IT teams.


Setup is done? Then Do!

Campaign after campaign, we will help you in defining, implementing, running & evaluating the campaign. Some of the tasks here are lead scoring, creating well thought landing pages, forms, etc. We will support and/or train your staff to become marketing automation experts


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Want to get started?
3 steps you can do today


What is in it for you?

Calculate the ROI of marketing automation



Who is Who?

Download the marketing automation vendor comparison paper


Improve your marketing automation campaigns?

Get the  checklist


What is in it for me? The ROI calculator

Ready to see what marketing automation can do for you, in monetary value?

If you have data about your current cost per click, conversion rates, impressions, … then download this great tool to discover the business value of marketing automation. You don’t have this data available? Get in contact to discuss the marketing ROI of your company.

Get the ROI calculater Excel sheet
to find out what the impact of marketing automation will be.

Calculate your ROI


Who is who? Select your vendor

You’ve decided that marketing automation is something for your company? Great!

Now it is time to make the most important decision. What vendor is best for you? This depends highly on functionality, level of usage, budget, technical needs & plans. Use our vendor comparison paper to find out.

Download the vendor comparison chart

Download the vendor comparison paper


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Get the marketing checklist

Now it is time to get your marketing automation machine running.
There are several tasks to do:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer journey mapping and analysis
  • Development of content personas
  • Mapping, development and execution of content strategy
  • SEO strategy and optimization
  • Social media
  • Lead scoring

But the best way to start is to actually run campaigns!
Think big, start small & scale fast!

Download our full checklist and get started right away!

Dowload the campaign checklist

Dirk Blondeel
Dirk Blondeel
Head of Marketing Automation

Meet your marketing automation SPOC

Please contact our expert Dirk with any questions.

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