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1 out of 3 companies abandons the implementation of Marketing Automation. Don't be next!*

You want to attract and convert your leads?
Let's dive into Marketing Automation!

Marketing Automation will get the best out of your software ecosystem, in order to...


Delight your prospects and customers using timely, relevant and tailor-made communication.


Streamline, automate and optimize your marketing tasks and flows to increase marketing efficiency, productivity & ROI.


Optimize the alignment between marketing and sales to generate new and more business.

Lost in the jungle called Marketing Automation?

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Marketing Automation is more than a buzzword. It's a valuable tool to electrify your marketing department and revive your business.

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The House of Marketing guides you on the road to success...


Our passionate consultants create the context for success and actively assist you in making the transition to a future-proof customer experience, driven by Marketing Automation.


  • 4 steps to success: a proven methodology

    Our steps 'analyze, design, build & run' are related to the typical building blocks – and pitfalls – of Marketing Automation: strategy, content, organization, data and technology. In order for the Marketing Automation engine to run smoothly, we need proper use of data, a strong content strategy, a customer-centric approach and an effective implementation.

  • We are your Marketing Automation implementation buddy

    We're not your average agency. We facilitate your transformation and orchestrate the different partners. We work independent of technology, vendor, integrator and agency. Why? Because we believe every organization requires its own unique set-up for success. But we can also manage your project as a one-stop-shop approach and select and manage all parties involved in your implementation process, from functional analysis to system integration and deployment.

  • We can do your Marketing (Automation) for you

    Do you lack internal resources or knowledge to start your new marketing way of working? Then we're your helping hands. We can execute every task in the run phase and bring in the right expertise at the right time (creative, technical, strategic, ...). All based on the business model that fits your company best (time-based, fixed monthly fee or a combination).

  • We manage the wind of change in your organization

    In addition to implementing useful tools and drafting customer journeys that are optimized to your funnel, our experienced PMO & change managers create the impact together with all stakeholders.

  • We are hardcore marketers with a customer mindset

    We think like customers. This is what differentiates us from technical implementators. Our consultants are all trained in inbound marketing and have experience in one or more Marketing Automation platforms, as well as in persona creation and customer journey design.

  • Zoom in, zoom out: we focus on impact and scalability

    We like to think big, start small and scale fast. In every Marketing Automation project we identify quick wins in order to prove impact fast. We take the pragmatic route with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the center of your implementation. This way we can jumpstart the process of learning and avoid wasting time or money.

4 mileposts on the road to successful implementation


Marketing Automation Methodology




A closer look:
analyze maturity and customer centricity

We start with an extensive AS IS analysis. The objective is to evaluate the current situation, define the gaps and create a shared vision of Marketing Automation with all stakeholders. 


Typical deliverables:

  • Marketing Automation maturity assessment
  • Funnel analysis
  • Data quality & sanity check
  • Documented vision on Marketing Automation
  • Business case development
  • Strategy assesment & finetuning and KPI development


Pencils out:
design the roadmap for implementation

We determine the ambition and design the TO BE situation. The objective is to define the future needs and prioritize based on business priorities (desirability vs. deliverability)


Typical deliverables:

  • Buyer persona creation
  • Segmentation model
  • Customer journey map
  • Campaign flow definition
  • Content plan
  • Data strategy
  • Lead scoring model
  • Functional, operational & technical requirements
  • System architecture
  • Vendor comparison & selection
  • Roadmap for implementation


Let's get practical:
build and test the needed components

We set up and configure your technological and marketing ecosystem while preparing your organization for rollout. The goal is to build and test different components. 


Typical deliverables:

  • PMO & change trajectory
  • Action creation
  • Content creation
  • Graphical design & template creation
  • Campaign set-up
  • Functional & user acceptance testing
  • Lead generation & nurturing set-up


Final countdown:
run customer journeys & execute campaigns

We create, run and evaluate your campaigns. The goal is to continuously improve the actions and use the platform for an increasing amount of marketing activities.


Typical deliverables:

  • Campaign execution & management
  • Content training
  • Coaching on-the-job
  • KPI dashboard



Clients we guided on their marketing automation journey


[Financial Services]

How Argenta doubled conversions through marketing automation

How Argenta doubled coversions
through marketing automation 


Argenta asked us to oversee the adoption of their new marketing automation tool Adobe Campaign, with the goal to send out highly-personalized email campaigns. 



[Industry & Durables]

How Messer Group generated 3 times more leads with marketing automation

How Messer Group tripled their leads with marketing automation 


With our 4-phase approach, we helped Messer to build a marketing automation ecosystem with the aim of taking their sales dependency down from 90% to 50% by 2020/2025.


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