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Increase your succes to market by applying a data-driven business design thinking approach

80% of innovation projects fail. In order to reach and maintain sustainable growth, all guesswork and gut feelings should be eliminated from the process, training innovation as a skill. Increase your success to market by leveraging behavioural data to reach the expected results of your value propositions, go to market & customer experience

Stop relying only on claimed data

 There is an important discrepancy between what people say they will do (claimed data) and what they actually end up doing.
However, this doesn’t mean that predicting behaviour is impossible. People are to some extent predictably irrational. By making use of neuromarketing, we can identify underlying patterns of implicit behaviour

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I’m a creative marketing professional with a good strategic insight, combined with a hands-on and entrepreneurial mentality. Throughout the years, I’ve gained considerable experience in the FMCG and energy sector. My specialties are: business model innovation & design thinking, brand & product management and project management.

Dries Vanderheyden

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