Smart innovation is an important driver to reach and maintain sustainable growth. Innovation as a skill set is something every marketer should embrace.

Discover how our marketing consultants can help with your innovation challenges

Strategic Consultancy

We take you through the full innovation journey from inspirational sessions to a convincing business case.


We offer among others:

  • Inspirational sessions
  • Vision, mission and ambition workshops
  • Value proposition workshops
  • Business modelling
  • Financial modelling

Interim Management

We implement innovation within your organization. We have the right people to get you up to speed from concept to delivery.

Reinforce and scale your teams with our plug and play solutions from on-the-job coaches and ad interim entrepreneurs to UX/UI designers and digital marketers.

Training & Coaching

Innovation is a mindset, so training is key to deeply embed the right capabilities and skills in your organization.

We help you to build your innovation capabilities and shape your marketers by offering tailor-made business design thinking trainings.

Get into the right mindset with our innovation kickstarter kit...


Innovation Vision Canvas



Environment Map

Innovation Environment Maps




Innovation Observation Canvas



Value Proposition

Innovation Value Proposition Canvas




We use the Business Design Thinking methodology,
infused with agile and lean practises...

Business V12_LONG


...and we apply the double diamond model 

Innovation double diamon model


What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a customer-centric approach to problem solving. By collaborating across disciplines, we explore together with your teams what your customers desire, what is financially viable, organisationally possible and technologically feasible.

What is

Agile stems from software development and is a method of managing the design and building process with the aim to provide new product or service development in a highly flexible and interactive manner. In short sprints, multi-disciplinairy teams work on several features, which are released and tested.

What is

The idea of lean is to develop products and services in an iterative process of learning, building and measuring. By testing assumptions early on, you maximize customer value while minimizing risk. This is achieved by focusing on increasing efficiency through early and regular customer feedback.

We deliver SMART innovation...



icon sustainable growth innovation

Sustainable growth is our objective.



icon measurable impact innovation

Measurable impact is guaranteed.



icon agile innovation

Agile practices are used.



icon relevant for the customer innovation

Relevant process and outcome for the customer.



icon transfer of knowledge innovation

Transfer of actionable knowledge to your teams.

Meet our team of innovation experts

Dries Vanderheyden
I’m a creative marketing professional with a good strategic insight, combined with a hands-on and entrepreneurial mentality. Throughout the years, I've gained considerable experience in the FMCG and energy sector. My specialties are: business model innovation & design thinking, brand & product management and project management.
Isabel Dorado
I am experienced in creating customer-centric value proposals, implementing product and service innovations, and improving existing product portfolios using the design thinking methodology. The key to success is to adapt the approach to each organization, bottom-up and across departments.
Dries Vanderheyden
Dries Vanderheyden

Meet your innovation SPOC

Please contact Dries with any questions.

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