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We are a unique collection of digital unicorns that lives and breathes technology, trends and new tactics. We guide you through the digital jungle of today. 

Digital marketing is not dead; it never even existed! Digital is not about technology or marketing. It’s about changed behaviour. You market to a digital consumer who is living in a digital world and who is increasingly more demanding. This is why "Digital" isn’t an objective; it’s a strategy towards reaching a target.

More than ever, marketers need to continuously adapt their marketing toolbox and use channels that their customers are using. New skills are needed within marketing teams in order to serve their customers in the best possible way. Inject digital passion & excellence into your company now!

How can we help with your digital marketing?


Digital inspiration & trends

No need for a change you say? Book our trend experts to give an inspiring session on how industries are being disrupted by business model changes.
Already convinced that things need to change? Great, let's start a HackaTHoM (read: a room full of digital unicorns, addicted to brainstorms and impact) and explore the options in your industry. 



Digital Strategy

We're very pragmatic, just like you! We combine gathered insights on the market with experience coming from different sectors to help you in building your digital growth strategy.
Next we perform an audit of the existing digital ecosystem, tools, advertising and media strategy, and we start a deep dive in your audience through persona creation & customer journey mapping. Tailored to your context we build a digital transformation roadmap that is realistic! 


Digital Project Management

Implementing & optimizing a digital strategy, set-up of digital channels, defining KPI's, content calendar follow-up, agency briefings, website optimization, ... We help you in keeping your eye on the target as it is easy to lose yourself in the world of likes, conversions, funnels, etc. Our certified THoMers in Google Analytics, Social Media, Hubspot,... are happy to help and train your marketing team on the spot to create a long-term love for digital.

Eva Dillen
As a Digital Marketer I was part of a Digital Transformation project for a Belgian consumer electronics player. Our role was to develop a transformation roadmap including digital readiness and a blueprint of required actions. I worked on gathering quantitative insights and organizing ideation workshops to build brand personas and customer journeys, and to develop a digital channel strategy.
Thomas Peeters
As Digital Brand Manager for an international FMCG company, I was responsible for managing the local digital marketing in the Eastern Europe and Middle East markets. This included both setting up new strategies as continuous improvement of ongoing projects. As I operated from the HQs I also had the opportunity to build and maintain relations with international stakeholders, which gave this project an extra challenge.
Nathalie Demeulemeester
As ATL Manager within an international Consumer Electronics company, the digital share was an essential part of the 360 advertising mix. I worked on dedicated custom-made campaigns and storytelling, which were created to ensure a powerful presence in these channels and keep on building a stronger brand.
Eline Van Hollebeke
Eline Van Hollebeke
Head of Digital Marketing

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