The true power of data lies in your ability to distill insights from it and use these to drive action

From being a by-product of a business activity or process with limited added value, data is now perceived as a corporate asset and an enabler for strategic decision-making.

At The House of Marketing, we consider being a data-driven marketing organization means being able to gather, cluster and analyse all relevant data to distill the right insights which can drive your strategic marketing decisions. We accompany and support organizations that are not yet at the full potential of their data-driven strategy. We help you along your journey to get the full potential out of your data.


Data Maturity Audit


Data Strategy


KPIs & Metrics





Data Maturity Audit

Don’t know where or how to get started? The first step is to get an understanding of your current Data Maturity. Through our audit, we assess your company’s challenges in becoming (more) data-driven. It gives you a structured overview of your current data deployment over different dimensions whereas each dimension is a vital part of a mature data-driven company.

In the 2018 edition of our Yearly Marketing Survey, we deep-dived into the different building blocks of data maturity:

  • How data is used in the company

  • How the data is stored throughout the company

  • What kind of goals companies want to reach with their data analyses

  • How the data governance is organized

  • Which kind of tools are used to follow up KPIs



Data Strategy

Once we know where you are today, we decide together where you want to go. Our proven methodology is your roadmap towards data-driven marketing maturity.


  • Create your strategy team

    Attract good skills and talent, identify key stakeholders and find support from executive level.

    - Kick-off meeting to align on approach and to provide guidance in assembling the strategy team
    - Define objectives and KPI’s

    - KPI’s and objectives

  • Draw a data map

    Overview of which data you own where it is stored and with which tools they can access it.

    - Prepare, conduct, and process interviews with  business and IT to understand and visualize the data flows throughout the organization

    - Data map

  • Data need assessment

    Capture the data needs to reach business objectives and identify solutions


    - Prepare, facilitate and capture a series of workshops to identify the solutions that business require to reach company objectives

    - Data solution long list

  • Prioritize solutions and build

    Prioritize data solutions based on business value and feasibility and build detailed  data roadmap and policy.

    - Conduct interviews/ workshops to do a first prioritization of the solutions based on business value and feasibility
    - Strategic advice in prioritization process

    - Detailed data strategy roadmap
    - Data policy

  • Implement and change

    Get the business to embrace the change by explaining the ‘why’ and provide guidance in the implementation process.

    - Strategic advice in the implementation process of solutions (RFP,…)
    - Support in change and implementation process (PMO)

    - Project plan

Do you have troubles leveraging your company's data & analytics opportunities with a comprehensive strategy? Discover the 5 steps your company needs to take to become more data-driven: 



KPIs & Metrics

“A KPI is a metric, but a metric is not necessarily a KPI”. 

First time right is rarely the case when applying data in your marketing strategy, and once right, chances are high you will need to adapt quite soon.  So it’s all about measuring.

We can help you to either develop reports that give you the correct insights within your marketing technology stack or build dashboards across your tools that reflect your ROMI or follow your company’s KPIs and the effect your marketing strategy has on them.

Our toolkit:

Toolkit data-driven marketing



Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive…. whatever goal you are trying to reach, we can help you to achieve it.

Attribution modelling, churn prediction, next best offer, segmentation, personalization, you either master them today and are looking at the next steps to take, or you have no clue where to get started. Our consultants have the experience and the insights to help you take the right decision on the right tool, for the right strategy at the right moment.  Since the application of advanced analytics is evolving so rapidly, don’t be afraid to reach out to see how we can assist you.



Surely you have already faced the implementation of new regulations. Usually you trust your legal department, or compliance, or IT, or any other to ‘take care of it’. However, when it comes to GDPR you will need to get actively involved.

New regulations rarely provide corporations with new benefits, however mastering your data could unlock multiple opportunities.

We can either guide you in a company-wide roadmap towards GDPR compliance or focus on the implementation within your marketing department. Our GDPR Framework and our GDPR certified expert are focused  on the core three principles of GDPR: Transparency, Accountability & Accessibility.

What does the GDPR mean for the use of cookies? How should we change our privacy policy? Will we still be able to set up remarketing? 
Download our booklet with 7 in-depth articles on the impact of GDPR on marketing.


Stijn Sommerijns
Head of Data-driven Marketing
Stijn Sommerijns

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