Data-driven Marketing

Do you use data to its full potential?

Running a succesful data-driven marketing strategy has one single goal and that is to increase customer satisfaction. So data-driven marketing is not just about gathering data for a single customer view in a fancy looking dashboard, it is creating insights and transforming these insights in actions.


Seems logical, seems simple, but now what?

You know you need to use data to better serve your customers, but where to start?


  • Connecting data

    Today it is no longer a problem of collecting the data, but it is about connecting the data. The multitude of available data sources has grown so fast over the past years that (relevant) customer data is spread throughout the entire organisation.

  • Mind the gap

    Data has historically never been the responsibility of a marketer. And today you need to find a common language to explain to your IT department why you need to access this data. Or convince your management why they should invest in building a new data warehouse, or maybe data marts, or what about data lakes? Yes… it is getting quite complex to explain all forms of data exploitation to increase profitability.

  • We can bridge the gap

    We can help you bridge the gaps, brainstorm together with you on how you can use data to its full potential, map your available sources, map what is missing, map how data is linked within your organisation and think together with you on how to optimise your data access and usage and execute your data-driven marketing strategy. We help you build the necessary business cases to support any data-driven request. And together with your other internal data stakeholders we speak the common language that unites all other departments involved (IT, sales, compliance, …).

But why not start with the opportunity of GDPR?


May 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation, surely one of your recurring agenda items in the coming months. But did you realise that GDPR holds the perfect opportunity to boost the effectiveness your data-driven marketing strategy?


  • Seize the opportunity

    Many see GDPR as an obstacle, but marketers should seize the opportunity. Start looking at the new rules for customer permission and consent, as an opportunity to ensure that your marketing activities live up to your promise to listen to your customers and provide them with the most suitable experience based on the information they shared with you. Because let’s be honest, are you fully satisfied with the current effectiveness of your data-driven marketing? Don’t you think you have been wasting time, effort and money on all those ‘implied consents’ that you’ve stored over the years in your marketing databases? So maybe GDPR gives you the opportunity to finally do things better and start from a clean slate.

  • Have a clear view on all your customer data

    Or what about having a clear view on all your customer data? Wasn’t that what you’ve been dreaming about over the past years? GDPR stipulates that all customer data needs to be easily accessible to deal with a request for deletion or information. There is an obligation to have a centralised data repository that is de-duplicated and cleansed. See… GDPR might be a dream come true!

  • Marketers should sit at the GDPR table

    However, to fully benefit of all opportunities that GDPR holds, you need to make sure that marketing sits at the table when it comes to your GDPR taskforce. And we understand that it might become a challenge to unify the goals and expectations of your data-driven marketing strategy with the concerns of your legal, compliance, risk or IT department when it comes to GDPR.

Download our slidedeck and discover how to turn GDPR into a moment of delight rather than a moment of fear


What does GDPR mean for the use of cookies? Will we still be able to set up remarketing? How should we change our privacy policy? Can we still segment and personalize? Discover all of this and more in 7 articles where our Head of Data & GDPR, Elke Horrix, collaborated with Ingrid De Poorter from the law firm De Groote De Man.


How can we help you to become data-driven?


Get inspired by your data

Your marketing strategy has probably already been flirting with quite some data-driven activities. But you feel there is much more out there to put your data at use. Our consultants can do an audit to identify which quick wins you could implement to enforce your data-driven marketing opportunities, or even take a step back and see how you execute an integrated approach for all your data-related activities.


Launch your data projects

Once you have identified which data projects you want to tackle, you’ll need to start at the basics, the data itself. You know which goals you want to achieve for your data-driven marketing strategy, but the roadmap to success is not entirely clear yet. That’s where our consultants can help. We analyse your wishes against your current situation and make sure we sit around the table with all stakeholders involved to be able to recommend an adequate approach to tackle each of your data projects from idea to realisation.


Data project management

Your data seed has been planted, but before you can benefit from its fruits you will need to roll out your data-driven marketing projects. We can guide you through each step of these projects. Our consultants make sure to bridge the gaps between your teams and other involved stakeholders to guarantee the successful roll-out of your projects. And even beyond, we analyse together with you the pre-determined KPIs and optimise where relevant.

Elke Horrix
Elke Horrix
Head of Data-driven Marketing

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