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The true power of data lies in your ability to distill the right insights and use them to drive action.

The role of data in marketing explained by one of our experts

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How data-driven are you?

Discover your personal data challenge and get insights on how to use data to your advantage. 






How can we guide you on your data-driven journey?

Data valorization

We do this by:

  • Discovering the latest data trends and best practices
  • Assessing your marketing team's data-driven maturity


We do this by:

  • Laying out the data fundamentals through market research & customer insights
  • Targeting the most profitable customers through segmentation
  • Designing pricing to meet both customer expectations and profit objectives
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to unlock the valuable insights hidden in your marketing data
  • Measuring the impact on the customer journey through implementation of customer-oriented metrics and KPIs
  • Integrating your data sources to create a 360° customer view and bring customer experience to a whole new level

Data visualization

We do this by:

  • Reporting within your marketing technology toolstack
  • Dashboarding to distill the insights your marketing team needs

Explore the world of data analytics 


We interviewed Koen Pauwels, renowned professor of marketing at Northeastern University in Boston, and created a 3-part article series covering the following topics: the role of data analytics in marketing, data analytic tools and data skills for marketers.


Meet our data wizards

Cédric Fumière
I'm an analytical-minded marketer, used to roll out strong problem solving approaches in order to support my clients in solving their business challenges. I'm eager to leverage my pricing expertise gained over the years in multiple industries (banking, telecom, …). The key to success usually lies in combining data-driven approaches and good business sense.
Shermaine Mina
Building my experience in one of the largest market research firms, I have led many projects leveraging data for clients of The House of Marketing. These projects range from data-driven go-to-market plans, need-based customer segmentations or category management. The process often involves running a quantitative analysis, extracting insights and translating findings into pragmatic and actionable recommendations.
Karel Ingelbeen
At a leading utilities firm, I helped to stimulate a data-driven marketing mindset by creating dashboards to measure campaign effectiveness and customer experience. Transforming data from different sources into a visual and clear overview provided us with valuable insights into our customers and encouraged the team to take action for improvement.
Laurean Aretz
As a marketer, I'm fascinated by data-driven marketing and its possibilities. Customers are more demanding and dynamic than ever, challenging the way marketers approach segmentation. The value of segmentation lies in its power to create a higher go-to-market efficiency and effectiveness. With hyper-personalization on the rise, 'big data' should be leveraged to the fullest.
Julie Merckx
As a passionate marketer, I'm aware of the importance of measuring, managing and analyzing data. Always looking to boost my knowledge, I've obtained certificates in AdWords Fundamentals and Google Analytics.
Cédric Fumière
Cédric Fumière

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