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In today’s reality, marketing can’t be involved only after strategic business decisions have been taken. Marketing should be an integral part of those strategies, as a key enabler of business impact through consumer & customer centric thinking. 


Strategic Marketing

  • Market assessment

    What are the macro-economic trends that need to be incorporated into a market analysis? How do you bridge the knowledge gaps, and, beyond the figures, what is the place devoted to judgement? What are the key consumer & competitive insights that are crucial to win in this market? Using the THoM Business Model, The House of Marketing assesses the potential of a market, either for a new brand or for an extension in a new category.

  • Branding & Positioning

    How can I touch the hearts and the minds of my consumers so that it leads to unreasonable and sustainable loyalty? How can I move a consumer’s decision from an assessment of mere product features to a decision only partly based on reason? What do I want my brand to stand for in the minds of my consumers? What is my key differentiator versus competition? Building brands with a clear and effective positioning is at the core of what marketing is all about. We at The House of Marketing help our clients to crack their branding & positioning strategies, enabling the essential base for consumer impact.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Segmentation has always been amongst the top challenges of the marketers and it will also be in the future, because it’s fundamental for a sound marketing approach.  The House of Marketing has extensive experience in this area, especially with needs-based segmentation.  Next to that we also deliver on value, usage and demo/firmographics based segmentation.  For all of these methodologies we can go from conceptual thinking until the actual implementation and value proposition development.

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning

    How do you assure your marketing plan is in line with your business intentions? Which tools do you have to discuss your business model and adapt it to that new opportunity that will assure your future? How do you spend your marketing budget as efficient and effective as possible? Do your product and brand managers speak the same language when they discuss budgets and plans with your CFO?

    In today’s reality, marketing can’t be involved only after strategic business decisions have been taken. We at The House of Marketing believe that marketing should be an integral part of those strategies, as a key enabler of business impact through consumer & customer centric thinking. Our methodology links the business intentions translated in a business model to the sensitive experience of the commercial stakeholders of the company.


Go to market

  • Brand & Product Management

    How do you profitably grow a brand? What are the parameters to look at when evaluating potential brand extensions? And, how do you develop a successful innovation and efficient communication? The House of Marketing helps on building on a brand’s established strengths using the THoM Business Model, the THoM Brand Identity card and the THoM Innovation Management Process.

  • Category Management

    The space in the shops is limited. So how can you use this scarce space in the most efficient way to optimize sales? Category management is all about combining related or similar products that respond to the same needs and treat them as a kind of small business unit. Category management should be seen from the retailers side (what is the strategic importance of that category for the retailer, how to increase turnover and optimize margin ), from the supplier side (how do different brands compete on shelf), and from the consumer side. The House of Marketing has the knowledge to advise you in your category management matters.

  • Communication Planning

    How do you  develop communication that consistently builds your positioning further ? How can you build a successful communication strategy ? How do you build a true partnership with your agencies ? The House of Marketing has developed specific approaches, tools and templates for developing communication strategies, briefing agencies, assessing communication proposals and making external agencies long-lasting partners.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    CRM has already been around for a while but still lots of companies lack a clear vision on how to act and behave towards their customer/shopper/consumer. The House of Marketing can support you with all your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) challenges. Our CRM offering is very broad and evolves from strategic to operational projects.

    We can help you define your CRM strategy – Who do you want to reach? Who are your customers? What about the digital channel in your vision? We can assist you in defining an integrated multi-channel approach, in defining clear segmentation strategies on how to get, keep & increase customers (acquisition, retention or loyalty plan) and in the set-up of CRM processes to support these strategies. Next to that, we can offer you coaching and training & assist you in CRM IT implementations to support the vision & processes.

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Alexandra Steel 
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