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Branding & Positioning

Branding & Positioning

The strongest brands have the power to inspire and shape the market.
Creating your brand and building a strong positioning in the market all starts with the raison d’être of your business.
Why do you exist as a company? What added value do you deliver to the market? What makes you stand out in today’s continuous evolving environment?

Let’s connect to find out why consumers should believe in your purpose and how to create a future-proof brand.


Do you want to become tomorrow's brand hero? 

The House of Marketing helps your business to grow by envisioning and building future-proof customer-centric brand strategies, 
implemented through a wide partner network and drawing on years of track record experience.


1. WHY

Why does your business or brand exist?

2. WHO

Who is your customer?
What are your customer's needs and where can your brand play a role?
4. HOW
How can your brand add value to your customers' life?


Before launching a new brand on the market, a key question we need to answer is: why should your brand exist? A strong, future-fit brand adds value to the market and remains relevant in an ever-changing environment. Therefore, we need to understand what the drivers of the brand are, what it stands for and why consumers should believe in your purpose.



In order to become or remain a truly strong brand, the type that everyone looks up to, we should always start with the customer in mind. Before a brand can be (re)built, we need to gain a clear and deep understanding of the unmet needs that the (target) customer is coping with, as well as the opportunities to be found within the market.



With the knowledge gathered in the previous step, we can now start building a future-proof strategic and creative foundation. Sounds great, right? But what does this mean in reality? By clearly defining brand purpose, identity and role, you will create a brand that stands for identification, differentiation, loyal customers and value for businesses.  

Want to know more about how to tackle this challenge? Download our 10-step Value Proposition Infographic and you're already halfway there!




In this third and final step, we bring a brand experience to market. After putting all your effort in building a strong brand, it's time for the market to get to know you.  A unique content and communication strategy is developed and implemented, while strengthening brand management capabilities in the meantime. 

How can we help to strengthen your brand?


We inspire & offer you a future-proof vision on brands

Inspirational keynotes, sessions & workshops on: 

  • trends impacting brands now and in the future
  • branding & positioning
  • content
  • communication


We offer strategic brand consultancy services
  • Brand & positioning strategy development
  • Rebranding exercises
  • Marketing Planning Process
  • Communication Strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Go-2-Market Strategy


We offer pragmatic implementation services

Specialist resources to support or fill organizational gaps:

  • Product & Brand Managers
  • Communication Specialists
  • Content Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Training & Coaching


Discover more about purpose-driven marketing


At The House of Marketing, we believe in the power of trusted, authentic, innovative and honest brands.

Discover what we have to say on purpose-driven marketing. 



Lise Tack
As a Junior Brand Manager for a strong blond beer, my biggest challenge was to help build-up the brand plans for the coming year, present these to the management team, brief the creative agencies on our plans and start carrying out the new initiatives.
Eline Khancheh Zar
In commission of a multinational in the FMCG industry, I developed a digital strategy for the next four years. Since the target group was not the end consumer but the health care professional, this was a true challenge. Aligning the digital strategy to the overall strategic plan was the most interesting aspect of this project!
Kristien Schrauwen
Strong business thinking and analytical skills are required when drafting a strong marketing and commercial plan. And often you need to combine these skills with creativity. For a new brand launch at my international client active in FMCG, I needed to communicate about 22 different products in the first year. Quite some analysis, planning and creativity was required to build the full plan.
Bert Van Eeckhoudt
I have worked for 4 months on a project in the media/telecom industry where I focused on the rebranding of two brands. For this process, I worked together with a high number of internal & external stakeholders, resulting in new logos, a brand book, an owned photo database & an ATL communication campaign (radio, TV, bannering).
Dries Vanderheyden
Together with a highly motivated team, we at The House of Marketing got energized by collaborating on re-shaping an interior design trade fair to become more relevant and to increase its presence in the market in order to fulfill a new role: Unite those in search of an inspiring living environment by being a reference, an alternative and a community builder.
Lise Tack
As one of the Brand Managers for a Belgian retailer, I was responsible for the branding of several food categories of the retailer’s private labels. From exploring the wine market to finalizing the packaging design of a new on-the-go product, there was a different challenge in each category and this made this project very interesting to me.
Alexandra Steel
Alexandra Steel
Head of Branding & Communication

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