Strategic Marketing Consulting

Let our marketing experts guide your efforts and take your marketing strategy to the next level. We offer strategic consulting services to create tangible impact for your business growth.

In a true partnership setting, we tailor our team of marketing consultants fully to your needs - with complementarity of skills as key denominator. We can help you to define a future-proof vision & strategy, conduct an audit and maturity assessment, define your transformation roadmap, including planning and phasing,…

Interim Management


Whether your engine is running slow or you need a copilot for some time, we can help. We offer interim management to fill a competence gap, a vacant position or the need for extra man power.

Hiring a THoMer is engaging an extra gear to achieve your business objectives. Beyond a seasoned marketing consultant, you’ll find a teamplayer with a pragmatic approach and passion for the job. It is in our DNA to leave a lasting impact and to secure your destination.

Domains where we put our spike

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Marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you to provide your customers with a more personalized experience at the right time, on the right device and at the right place. So when it's time to choose, they choose you. It saves time, improves efficiency and increases productivity.

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Branding & Communication

The strongest brands, and the ones that will continue to win, are those that are relentlessly relevant and are making a difference in consumers’ lives. The House of Marketing envisions, builds and implements future-proof customer centric brand strategies that grow your business.

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E-commerce and Omni-channel

E-commerce is evolving at a very fast pace and is having a huge impact on all traditional channels. Mobile commerce and apps are all around us and are used by more and more people. A good Omni-channel strategy helps you to streamline your products and services and helps you to adapt to the new ways of interacting with your customers.

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Organizational design

In an age where consumers are continuously connected over multiple devices, customer expectations are changing and companies are struggling to keep up. In order to market effectively to each consumer, companies need to build teams that can respond dynamically to this new landscape.

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Marketing in a digital world

It's time to inject some digital unicorns into your company and go for digital growth!  In order to serve your clients via the channels that they prefer, new skills are needed within the marketing department and a new mindset is needed within the company. Find out what our digital experts can do for you! 

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Data-driven Marketing

Today having data available is a basic commodity for a marketing department. However, knowing what data to use, when and how seems to be the real challenge. Add to this some new strict regulations like GDPR and soon you do not see the (data) wood for the (data) trees anymore. 

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