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Head of Human Capital THoM & Upthrust

Stéphanie Duchemin

Before I joined The House of Marketing in 2011, I worked as a senior consultant in and for a variety of sectors and clients, focussing primarily on both product development and launch (preferably applying the Lean Startup principles). However, my current role is to manage our single most important resource: our talents. I am approaching these two very different roles with equal enthusiasm and passion.


'Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.'
— A. Einstein

Key expertises

Lean startup®

Professional milestones

Head of Human Capital The House of Marketing & Upthrust 
The House of Marketing
January 2015 – Present

  • Attract, engage and develop THoMers (employees and freelancers), helping them to realize their full potential
  • Planning/staffing: finding the right consultant(s) for each project


Consulting Manager / Senior Consultant
The House of Marketing
October 2011 – December 2014

  • New Product Category Development in FMCG Sector
  • Digital Project Manager/ New Product Development of the Media Sector
  • Develop New Loyalty Approach in B2C Services Sector
  • Project Manager Mobility in B2B/ Transport & Logistics Sector
  • Market Intelligence Project Leader in B2B Services Sector
  • Product Manager/ Launch New Product in Transport & Logistics Sector (B2C)
  • Product Manager New Media in Transport & Logistics Sector (B2B)
  • Business Intelligence Project Leader in Automotive Sector
  • Distribution Approach Officer in Insurance Sector


Senior Planner AYGO & IQ - Product Planning & Marketing
Toyota Motor Europe
February 2007 – February 2011


Market Research Specialist

Toyota Motor Europe
July 2007 – January 2011


Augustus 2002 – June 2003


Education milestones

Master in Management Sciences (Ingénieur de Gestion)
Solvay Business School, University of Brussels (ULB)
1997 – 2002