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At The House of Marketing, we love to share our marketing expertise not only with our clients, but also with you, future marketers. That's why we're hosting 3 THoMster Classes, a series of workshops that provide you with more insights about today's challenging marketing environment. 

Our experts will inspire you with cases and presentations about the following topics: brand management, conversion optimization and customer journey mapping

This year, our THoMster Classes take place in Ghent, Antwerp and our offices in Diegem. At each venue, we tackle 2 marketing topics. Can't decide which workshop to join? You're welcome to join us at different locations! We do ask you to attend each topic only once.


What can you expect?

  • A meet and greet with our consultants and a snackable presentation about the topic of your choice.
  • A real-life case to put your knowledge into practice. Our consultants will coach you and demonstrate their solutions. The case will be the scope of the evening.
  • An informal drink to get in touch with our consultants. Ask them everything you want to know about life at The House of Marketing!
  • We kick off at 6pm and finish by 10pm.

Discover our 3 topics!

1. To be or wannabe: the truth about brands

Immerse yourself in the world of brand management, work on a challenging case and learn what it's like to be a brand manager!

2. Conversion is not a one-night stand
No way around it: As a marketer, you want your products to sell. Find out how the latest technologies (we're talking marketing automation and chatbots) help you to convince customers and optimize conversion.

3. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat... What's your customer journey?
Customer is king, right? But how do you get to know your customer? Discover everything about customer segmentation and which steps you should take to map a customer journey.

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Curious? Check out the video below for a flavor of what a THoMster Class looks like!