THoMster Class

Unfortunately, the THoMster Classes of 2019 came to an end.
Hope to see you at our THoMster Classes in 2020!

THoMster Class by The House of Marketing

At The House of Marketing, we love to share our marketing expertise not only with our clients, but also with you, future marketers. That's the reason our annual THoMster Classes came to life, a series of 3 workshops that provide you with more insights about today's challenging marketing environment. 

Thank you for coming to this year’s THoMster Classes! We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Stay tuned for our 2020 editions...

Want to relive our 2019 THoMster Classes without leaving your desk? We gathered the presentations that were shared during the workshops on brand management, growth marketing and digital marketing strategy. Download them here and dive straight into our content: 


While you're waiting for our next rounds of THoMster Classes to take place, take a look at our video below for a glimpse behind the scenes. 

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