THoMster Class

THoMster Class by The House of Marketing

At The House of Marketing, we love to share our marketing expertise not only with our clients, but also with you, future marketers. That's the reason our annual THoMster Classes came to life.

What's in it for you?
3 marketing workshops
that will provide you, a future graduate, with more insights about today’s challenging marketing environment!


Our experts will inspire you with cases and presentations about the following topics: Brand Management, Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy

This year, we’ll host 3 THoMster Classes: In Ghent (SOLD OUT), Antwerp (SOLD OUT) and… at our offices in Diegem (ALMOST SOLD OUT)! At each location, we’ll tackle 2 marketing topics. The only thing you need to do is pick your favorite one and subscribe! Can’t choose? You’re welcome to join us on different locations, but you cannot attend the same topic twice. Sign up via the form at the bottom of the page!

What does the evening look like?

  • We start at 6:00pm and finish around 10pm. No need to bring anything, we provide food and drinks!

  • Our consultants will give you a snackable presentation about the topic of your choice.

  • After the presentation, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice and work on a real-life case. You’ll be coached by our consultants, and we’ll share how we ‘solved’ the case. The case will be the focus of the evening.

  • At the end of each THoMster Class, you will get the opportunity to get in touch with our consultants during an informal drink and ask them everything you want to know about life as a marketing consultant.

Discover our 3 topics!

Brand Management - To be or Wannabe: the truth about brands - 

Immerse yourself in the world of brand management and learn what it takes for brands to remain relevant in today's ever changing world. You'll also work on a challenging case and experience what it’s like to be(come) a brand manager!

Digital Marketing Strategy - There is no digital marketing strategy, just marketing strategy in a digital world

Translating business objectives into a concrete digital campaign planning. We use the different needs, pains and questions customers have throughout their customer journey as a basis to provide the right message at the right time and place to the right person. Taking things one step further, we use marketing automation to create an optimal automated digital flow.

Growth Marketing - Experiment-driven marketing: an innovative way to boost growth

The ‘next big thing’ in the marketing world! Growth marketing is the process of rapid experimentation across marketing/advertising channels (social media, marketing automation, landing pages, …) and product development to identify the most effective & efficient ways to grow a business. The art is to test what works and drop what does not work asap. Trial and error for the win!

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