THoMster Class

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At The House of Marketing we love to share our marketing expertise not only with our clients, but also with you, future marketers. That is why The House of Marketing – as part of its campus recruitment efforts – organized for the third year in a row ‘THoMster Class’, a series of 3 master classes that gave last-year master students more insights on today’s existing marketing challenges.


Our THoMster Classes guided last-year master students through the complete customer life cycle. They got inspired by presentations of The House of Marketing’s consultants on 3 different marketing topics: ‘branding & positioning’, ‘digital marketing’ and ‘marketing of the future'. After each presentation they could put the theory into practice by solving a real-life case on the topic. At the end of each THoMster Class, they got the opportunity to get in touch with our consultants and were free to ask them all kinds of questions about how life as a marketing consultant looks like.

Curious? Watch the video below and get a flavor of what our THoMster Class looks like: