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Young grad and interested in a career in marketing consulting?

Our yearly Case Day took place at February 21 and we’ve recruited some great young graduates that will start at as a Junior Consultant at The House of Marketing in the summer!

You didn't participate but you're still interested in launching your career as a marketing consultant at one of Belgium’s best marketing consulting firms? Then we have great news! We are still looking for young grads with a passion for marketing to join our team of marketing enthusiasts!  

How can you apply for a job as Junior Consultant? 

We like to do things as efficient and effective as possbile at The House of Marketing, and that's no different when it comes to applying for the position of Junior Consultant. No difficult application procedure, just write a one-pager POV and upload it together with your CV and Cover Letter (in which you explain why you would like to join our team and would be suited to work as a marketing consultant) via the form below. 

Need help in writing a good POV? Find some tips and tricks in the presentation below.

What is a POV and what should I be writing on? 

At The House of Marketing, we are looking for young grads with a passion for marketing. Since it can be hard to express that passion in just a CV and Cover Letter, we give you a stage (= a one-page POV) where you can convince us of your marketing knowledge and creativity. 

So what's the topic you should be writing about?
"A famous brewing company is trying to retain its market share in a highly competitive and saturated market. Due to these challenging market conditions, the CEO hired you as a marketing consultant from The House of Marketing to come up with a new LT-marketing strategy to retain (and preferably increase) market share." 

This POV should be written in English and can be max. 1 page long. You’re free to make hypotheses and be creatve. All further information can be found on slide 15 of the Welcome Brochure below. Check also the deck on tips and tricks to write a good POV. Good luck! 

Questions or need extra information? 

Contact us by sending an email to startcareer@thom.eu. 


Curious to discover how life as a THoMer looks like, then check out the video below:

You recognize yourself in the above description? Ready to take on the challenge? 

Apply now by submitting the form below!

About The House of Marketing 

What we do

At The House of Marketing, we dare to dream with our clients in these ever-changing times and transform these dreams into reality. From vision to strategy, down to the last mile of implementation, we dream, we think and we do. 

For years, companies have been calling upon The House of Marketing for strategic marketing consulting and marketing implementation services. Bringing in a THoMer means bringing in a connected hub of dedicated entrepreneurial THoMers who look at opportunities beyond the job. Our entrepreneurial instincts and future-proof vision on marketing enable us to inspire and stimulate innovation and help our clients transition towards profitable, sustainable growth through omni-channel customer experiences and automation.

The House of Marketing is part of the Quanteus Group.

Our Vision on the Future of Marketing

We believe that we are living through a transformative period in marketing history: a lot of what we have learnt and know has been disrupted by technology. The proliferation of marketing channels, apps, mobile devices, social networks, and content has given consumers more choices and greater control than ever before. As a result, the core of modern marketing to create a connected customer experience has become quite a challenge.

We believe that the marketer of the future is a forward-thinking hybrid professional who is analytical, solution driven, digital savvy, with strong competences in business understanding and interpersonal skills.

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