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    Episode 1 - 30th of November, 2020

    ID Marketing, what is this integrated data revolution?


    With Lies Taerwe, managing director at The House of Marketing


    In this episode, Lies Taerwe, Managing Director at The House of Marketing, joins us to explain how ID Marketing can revolutionize today and tomorrow's way of doing marketing, and how business can implement ID Marketing today.



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    Lies explains to us how the normal way of doing marketing is based on asking customers what they would do in certain circumstances. Would they buy your product? Do they have certain needs? Do they like your campaign and would it move them? "However, as valuable as it is, there is a limitation to qualitative and quantitative research. This is not because people on purpose lie in it, or hide the truth, but because of the fact that 95% of purchase decisions are made unconsciously."

    So actually, asking people what they will do when confronted with your product or campaign is not a fair questions. Customers don’t know what they will do, until they do it – now always based on rational thinking, but based on reflex, habbit, intuition. This is unfortunately causing still a lot of products and businesses to fail: 80% of new products launched are unsuccessful. And that’s what we as The House of Marketing did not want to accept.

    With today’s tools and data there is no need anymore to accept it. It is time for marketing, like so many industries, to be transformed. And that is where ID marketing comes in. We want to include behavioural data in the marketing strategy from early on. ID marketing– integrated data marketing is all about knowing what people do, understanding why they do it and then scaling it, to make sure what you bring to market, and how you bring it to the market, is meeting customer needs, and is therefore a success.


    About Lies Taerwe


    Lies Taerwe is Managing Director at The House of Marketing.

    After a master in civil engineering at University of Ghent, she started a fruitful career at Procter & Gamble and strived in several positions that lead her to become Brand Manager of the hair care portfolio of P&G for France and Benelux. She joined The House of Marketing in 2014 as Senior Business Manager, served as Client Service Director for 4 years and became Managing Director in March 2020.

    "I am an ambitious and energetic person with love for both people and marketing. I have a strong passion for making brands grow and win through strategic marketing thinking. I get my energy from helping and enabling people and businesses to achieve their goals. I am a strong and empathic leader, but I also love to achieve results as member of a team. I value open communication and mutual trust as key cornerstones in business."


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