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    At The House of Marketing, we cherish our freelancers and therefore choose to invest in our freelance consultants, making them feel as much part of the team as our other THoMers.


    We continually receive challenging demands from all kinds of businesses. This means we gladly welcome freelancers with extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as junior profiles. So if you’re ready to sink your teeth into some exciting assignments, The House of Marketing is the partner you need.

    What are the perks of freelancing
    for The House of Marketing?


    You're one
    of us


    The House of Marketing has a unique position with an almost 50/50 balance between THoMers and freelance consultants. We heavily invest in each one of them: you’ll receive invitations for trainings, inspirational sessions and networking events. 



    You never
    walk alone


    The House of Marketing is a connected hub of 80+ marketers. These won't just be colleagues, but also sparring partners that can guide and support you in whatever domain you could use a hand with. If challenges arise, there’s a solid team that can help you wade through these unknown marketing waters.



    Your skills make 
    the difference


    The House of Marketing provides a mix between team-based strategic marketing consulting and individual interim management. As one of our freelance consultants, you’ll have the chance to help our clients on a variety of topics.


    You become part of a fun and inspiring
    team of marketing enthusiasts

    The House of Marketing is a place where we want to inspire people, challenge them and make them grow.
    We make this happen through a collaborative mindset, a dynamic environment, plenty of challenges and a love for entrepreneurial thinking.


    There’s something in the air at The House of Marketing. We can’t exactly explain it, but you’ll feel it as soon as you become part of our team.



    Transport & Logistics
    Consumer Goods & Retail
    Telco & Media
    Utilities & Resources
    Financial Services
    Industry & Durables

    Need some more convincing?

    Always a spare seat


    You’re welcome to flex work at our office in Diegem! Grab a coffee, pick a seat on our tribune or use our standing desks and get that engine running.


    Zero financial risk


    Our accounting department makes sure payments are done 30 days after the end of the month. Meaning: zero financial risk when freelancing for The House of Marketing.


    Meet some of our freelancers

    Eva Reviers
    I applied to The House of Marketing almost three years ago and quickly got an assignment that turned out to be a perfect match. I got the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and in several teams. At the House of Marketing, you get the best of both worlds. You have the freedom of being self-employed but can also rely on a team that supports you. The House of Marketing is always ready with advice and support for your assignment when needed. You can use their extensive network and knowledge for your own project. The client manager is always available to encourage, support and challenge you. It's also nice to regularly receive invitations to webinars and events for personal development and networking.
    Alexandre Centner
    A collaboration is always great when you can get a combination of skilled interactions and fun. This is exactly what I've been enjoying with the The House of Marketing and Upthrust teams. They gather the best experts in marketing and digital, who help you to achieve both operational excellence and business performance while keeping a transparent and open communication style. It’s all about the people!
    Wendy Vanwinkelen
    What I appreciate about the cooperation with The House of Marketing is that they first listened to my story and then proposed me projects which were in line with my expectations. Once your assignment starts, you can count on their support: you can participate in trainings which allow you to stay up to date, you are invited to informal meetings where you can meet other colleagues and if necessary, you can count on the expertise of a THoM specialist. So definitely a win-win for everyone!
    Tom Buyens
    The solid collaboration with the House of Marketing team makes every digital manager stronger. A team of talented marketers share their vision and best practices with an open mindset. This collaboration empowers me to make more impactful strategic decisions. I highly appreciate our partnership.
    Michael Couvreur
    One of the reasons I became a freelancer was to broaden my horizon and areas of expertise. The House of Marketing has a broad portfolio of clients active in different industries, so I believe they are the ideal partner to help you grow and apply some proven learnings to other sectors. The multidisciplinary team is always there to help and support you. They will help you solve specific client requests which may be a bit further out of your comfort zone. And after work, time for a drink! Let’s not forget the great networking events which allow you to meet your peers and share experiences.
    Julie De Laet
    I truly feel supported by The House of Marketing in my role as a freelance consultant. Their service goes way beyond simply matching a consultant to an assignment. By linking interesting opportunities to the right profile and ensuring a good follow-up on both sides, they are in it for the long howl. During my assignments I regularly touch base with The House of Marketing. I ask their advice on marketing matters that don’t belong to my field of expertise but are relevant for the client, go to their networking events and participate in the interesting marketing trainings they offer. In short, they are there to connect, inspire and lead.
    Sven Houben
    Working with The House of Marketing offers you a variety of business opportunities across industries, connecting you effortlessly to the brightest people in the industry. All this without losing a human touch throughout the journey. From project selection over value creation on project to (even) invoicing, it’s always a pleasure to get in touch with them.
    Roy Verduijn
    The collaboration with The House of Marketing has been amazingly seamless: they know who to "match" you with and their follow-up is very effective. Next to organizing the practical context, The House of Marketing succeeds in building a true, personal relationship with their freelancers. They are always there for you when you have any questions or run into particular challenges. Therefore it feels like you are part of the team, further ensuring you are able to deliver at your client! As a bonus, The House of Marketing regularly organizes workshops to inspire you and to learn more about our complex marketing landscape. At the same time, you get to meet new, interesting people to further build your network. In all: it's perhaps not a house, but a home.
    Loes Janssen
    Loes Janssen
    Business Partner for freelancers

    Contact Loes: our matchmaker


    Meet your main point of contact when looking for a new project.
    As our dedicated Business Partner for freelancers, Loes will do her best to match you to a relevant opportunity in our funnel.
    Let her know when you’re (un)available again or apply straight away.

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