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Marketing Consultant

Ready to work in various industries? Hungry for strategic marketing consulting projects and interim management assignments? Eager to help our clients create new sources of value? We need you in our team!

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Freelance Consultant

Passionate about marketing? Keen on working on a variety of challenging projects? Ready to share your marketing expertise? Discover our freelance assignments!

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Junior Marketing Consultant

Are you a young professional with a passion for marketing and an entrepreneurial spirit? We are looking for young marketers with a first work experience. Join our team!

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Young Grads: kickstart your career at The House of Marketing

Will you graduate soon? Marketing enthusiast? Interested in launching your career in marketing consulting? Skyrocket with The House of Marketing!


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Office Coordinator/Personal Assistant

Quanteus Group is looking for an addition to our Office Management Team. Tri-lingual, organized, flexible, and energized by working with and for others? You might be the person we are looking for!

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Marketing Automation Consultant

Seasoned in marketing automation consultancy? Equipped with a technical background, a hands-on marketing vision and the skill to understand end-to-end marketing processes? We welcome you!

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We love what we do

Inge Van Israël
Senior Consultant
I started at The House of Marketing as a young graduate and years later, I still think it was the best decision I made. As you are trusted to work on challenging projects from day one, your learning curve is incredibly steep. Yet all along the way, you’re supported by all THoMers, your mentor and counselor. On top of that, my own interests and career development are always taken into account, enabling me to realize my full potential.
Nicolas Heyrman
Junior Consultant
Once I got to know The House of Marketing during my studies, I knew it was the place I wanted to work. From day one, I felt the amazing energy and inspiration that characterize this unique company. I've had the opportunity to dive into different marketing topics across various industries, always supported by a large hub of professionals.
Robine Goris
Every day I have the possibility to learn, to grow and to develop in a personal way. The House of Marketing gives me the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects where I can make an impact at various clients and where colleagues become friends.
Stijn Sommerijns
Senior Business Manager
I’m convinced that the true essence of our existence comes down to human connections. That’s what THoM is all about. Each individual counts and we truly value the diversity everyone brings to the table. We are a group of people that respect and trust each other. Everything we do, we do with passion to the benefit of our clients and ourselves.

What our freelancers say

Jennifer Elliot
Freelance consultant for THoM
What I appreciate most about THoM are definitely the people. From the proposal to the termination of the project, they make sure you are comfortable and everything is in place to make you perform at your best. Moreover, I have felt part of the team and that is absolutely a result of the passion within THoM and something that is highly appreciated by the clients too. Win-win!
Isabeau Sas
Freelance consultant for THOM
Being outsourced by THoM is a team effort. You might be with the customer on your own but you're backed by an army of top marketers. I have relied on them for sparring thoughts numerous times. They have the continuous stream of jobs to flex your marketing muscles and cover various marketing specialties or delve into a niche field. And of course, it's not a coincidence it's called The House of Marketing. It feels very homely...
Sven Houben
Freelance consultant for THoM
Working with the House of Marketing offers you a variety of business opportunities across industries, connecting you effortlessly to the brightest people in industry. All this without losing a human touch throughout the journey. From project selection over value creation on project to (even) invoicing, it’s always a pleasure to get in touch with them.
Alexandra Chausteur
Freelance consultant for THoM
Working with The House of Marketing on projects is a journey filled with learning experiences!

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