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Junior Marketing Consultant

Are you a young (soon-to-be) graduate with a passion for marketing? Are you ready to launch your marketing consulting career at The House of Marketing? Apply now for the position of Junior Marketing Consultant.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Do you have 2 to 8 years of experience as a marking generalist? If you're hungry for strategic marketing consulting projects and interim management assignments, while being supported to follow your own track, we're looking for you!

Campaign Manager

Are you a digital native with a passion for marketing and an entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to give the final boost to the marketing of The House of Marketing? 

Business Support Coordinator

We're looking for a Business Support Coordinator specialized in invoicing and contracting to strengthen our Business Support Team at Customer Collective level.

Digital Marketing Consultant

2 to 8 years of digital marketing experience and hungry for digital strategic marketing consulting projects and interim management assignments? We're looking for you! 

Marketing Automation Consultant

We're looking for a profile that's equipped with a technical background, a hands-on marketing vision and the skill to understand end-to-end marketing processes.

Freelance Marketing Consultant

Passionate about marketing? Keen on working on a variety of challenging projects? Ready to share your marketing expertise? Discover our freelance assignments!

Senior Business Manager

In this role you help to grow our business by proactively approaching potential clients and being the trusted marketing advisor of your client portfolio. 

Marketing Intern

We're looking for a hands-on profile for our internal marketing team; someone who gets energized from a variety of assignments and helps us to shape the image of The House of Marketing.

Brand & Event Manager

Today, we are looking for a Brand & Event Manager to join our passionate internal marketing team! Manage all the communications and take the lead in the production of our events.


What's in it for you at THoM? Hear it from the THoMers!...


  • employer branding Olivier def MP4


  • Before THoMer Oliver joined The House of Marketing, he worked for many large companies, mostly in sales and marketing functions.  Want to know why he decided to join us? 



employer branding Alex def V2 MP4


THoMer Alexandra shares with us how she got to know The House of Marketing: during a presentation on Web Tomorrow, in 2016.  Do you want to know more about what she most appreciates in her current job?  





Laurent def version


THoMer Laurent made a career switch because he wanted to be challenged every single day.  Want to know more on what made him decide to become a consultant?




We love what we do

Jonathan Suchet
When I applied at The House of Marketing, I immediately had the feeling it was the company and work environment I'd been looking for. Reality has exceeded my expectations. I've had the chance to work on different topics in several industries, which is essential for me to constantly feel challenged. I've also participated in internal projects, during which I could share my experience and further develop my skills and knowledge. One of my best professional choices so far!
Youssra Lazaar
As a consultant, I get to continuously push myself out of my comfort zone. I feel like I am growing and learning every day; not only from client projects and internal projects, but also from other consultants with different backgrounds and expertise. I can always depend on a bunch of people that support me both professionally and personally. What I really like about working here is that we have the liberty to experiment, challenge, create, propose, succeed and even fail.
Stefanie Daems
Senior Consultant
The House of Marketing provides the perfect environment to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Every project is a new opportunity to expand your capabilities and reinvent the ones you already master - always supported by an army of THoMers, to help you go the extra mile. Proud to be surrounded by such talented people and to be part of this incredible organization!
Thomas Peeters
Head of Commercial Offering and Client Manager
At The House of Marketing, I've become the best professional version of myself. Of course, all the trainings, coaching sessions and client projects have helped me to develop and improve, but it’s mostly the culture that has enabled my growth. It's one that I'd describe as open, inspiring, uplifting and forward-thinking. Being part of a continuous growth story where no career path is ever the same, makes The House of Marketing a truly amazing place to work.

What our freelancers say

Jennifer Elliot
Freelance consultant
What I appreciate most about The House of Marketing are definitely the people. From the proposal to the termination of the project, they make sure you are comfortable and everything is in place to make you perform at your best. Moreover, I have felt part of the team and that is absolutely a result of the passion within THoM and something that is highly appreciated by the clients too. Win-win!
Roy Verduijn
Freelance consultant
The collaboration with The House of Marketing has been amazingly seamless: they know who to "match" you with and their follow-up is very effective. Next to organizing the practical context, The House of Marketing succeeds in building a true, personal relationship with their freelancers. They are always there for you when you have any questions or run into particular challenges. Therefore it feels like you are part of the team, further ensuring you are able to deliver at your client!
Sven Houben
Freelance consultant
Working with the House of Marketing offers you a variety of business opportunities across industries, connecting you effortlessly to the brightest people in industry. All this without losing a human touch throughout the journey. From project selection over value creation on project to (even) invoicing, it’s always a pleasure to get in touch with them.
Alexandra Chausteur
Freelance consultant
Working with The House of Marketing on projects is a journey filled with learning experiences!

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