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Job description 

As part of the internal marketing team of The House of Marketing, you will have the opportunity to be at the center of marketing’s best practice. We are looking for a hands-on team member that will help us to shape the image of The House of Marketing further.

This opportunity is for candidates based in Belgium, who're currently studying and for whom the internship is part of their curriculum.

Projects & tasks   

You will develop and support initiatives and campaigns specifically for The House of Marketing:

  • Always-on content strategy & implementation: a.o. social media, social selling and newsletter (45% of the time)
    • Define & implement always-on content calendar for social media channels & newsletter, together with Marketing Manager & Brand Manager
    • Support marketing campaigns through content creation: write social media posts (both for organic & paid), social selling posts for LinkedIn (based on the idea of sharing helpful, relevant content until consumers are ready to buy from you), emails (a.o. newsletter), press releases, and create videos
    • Measure & optimize content performance, to drive reach, engagement & conversion
  • Content distribution (35% of the time):
    • Publish social media & social selling posts, and send emails via dedicated tools
    • Implement & update content on website and prepare landing pages in HubSpot (marketing automation tool)
    • Update internal communication platform with latest marketing materials
    • Support in SEO project: keyword research & optimization
    • Be a proactive force of recommendation for conversion optimization
  • Support paid acquisition (20% of the time)
    • Define and work on target audiences
    • Optimize and help in the creation of paid media campaigns (SEA, Facebook, LinkedIn) from ad creation to campaign setup
    • Measure, report & analyze campaign performance

This is not a client facing role, as you’ll develop and support initiatives and campaigns specifically for The House of Marketing. 


  • Digital savvy with (first) knowledge of SoMe strategy & content plans
  • First knowledge of or experience with paid media platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads) is a plus
  • Languages:
    -  English: expert level, with advanced copywriting skills to write social media posts, invites, drafts press releases, ...
    -  Dutch & French level are a plus
  • Hands-on approach
  • Ability to prioritize (time management), to work autonomously & be proactive
  • Interpersonal skills: work in team, communicate and influence
  • Graphic design and video editing skills are a significant plus, as well as experience with SEO

What's in it for you?

  • You are a full member of the internal marketing team at The House of Marketing, one of the most renowned marketing consulting firms in Belgium for over two decades 
  • During your internship you will be able to exchange ideas/thoughts with a group of passioned marketers, working in different industries and in different marketing domains
  • You will be able to follow trainings given to Junior Consultants during the time of your internship

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About The House of Marketing

What we do

At The House of Marketing, we dare to dream with our clients in these ever-changing times and transform these dreams into reality. From vision to strategy, down to the last mile of implementation, we dream, we think and we do. 

For years, companies have been calling upon The House of Marketing for strategic marketing consulting and interim management. Bringing in a THoMer means bringing in a connected hub of dedicated entrepreneurial THoMers who look at opportunities beyond the job. Our entrepreneurial instincts and future-proof vision on marketing enable us to inspire and stimulate innovation and help our clients transition towards profitable, sustainable growth through omni-channel customer experiences and automation.

The House of Marketing is part of the Quanteus Group.


Our Vision on the Future of Marketing

We believe that we are living through a transformative period in marketing history: a lot of what we have learnt and know has been disrupted by technology. The proliferation of marketing channels, apps, mobile devices, social networks, and content has given consumers more choices and greater control than ever before. As a result, the core of modern marketing to create a connected customer experience has become quite a challenge.

We believe that the marketer of the future is a forward-thinking hybrid professional who is analytical, solution driven, digital savvy, with strong competences in business understanding and interpersonal skills.