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    Integrated Data (ID) Marketing


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    Many products and service go through a long process of qualitative and quantitative research before being launched in market. This claimed data is usually based on what people say they would do or choose but not on their actual behavior.

    As a result, a lot of these carefully designed propositions do not perform as good as expect, because there is a difference between what people say and what they actually do.



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    Introducing ID Marketing


    We believe in the concept of marketing where propositions are tested in the market from the very beginning of the marketing process. With ID Marketing we use in-market experimentation to test different value propositions, target audiences or angle to see which perform best. By integrating behavioral data, the risk of launching a proposition that does not serve your customers needs decrease, increasing your chances of success.


    Lies explaining ID marketing in 4 simple steps:

    Lies ID Marketing


    ID Marketing disrupts the full marketing ecosystem while you...




    Gain knowledge


    Gain a headstart even before launching because of deep understanding of customer needs. Reduce the risk of failure drastically. 




    Gain speed


    Quickly validate, measure and tweak based on insights and have first results after only a few weeks.




    Reduce budget


    Access a broad digital audience with only a limited budget.

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    How we implemented ID Marketing for energy supplier Luminus


    Luminus had set itself the objective of launching intelligent energy monitors - smart meters - on the market. Luminus came to The House of Marketing and UPTHRUST to help them go to market with the value proposition, USPs and pricing, through the channels with the best fit for success.




    Meet our consultants

    Thomas Peeters
    For me, ID marketing is all about reducing your risk of failure. It not only about agility and speed to market, but also about quality of your go-to-market. With ID marketing, we make innovation efforts much more tangible. We move away from gut feeling and post-its to real facts and figures.
    Lise Tack
    The ID Marketing approach helped us to create clear recommendations about how to launch a new product in the Belgian energy market in only 6 weeks. We tested different value propositions, pricings and ways to market simultaneously via rapid tests towards a real audience. Every week we evaluated the figures and we adjusted our efforts until we came to an ideal go to market formula. This approach is a very cost and time effective way of testing your ideas and making sure you reach your audience with the right offering & in the right way.
    Alexandra Steel
    Alexandra Steel

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