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Financial services

How Keytrade Bank improved their digital marketing strategy

Through the introduction of strategic frameworks, we helped Keytrade to optimize their digital strategy, shifting from a product-driven to customer-centric approach.

Industry & Durables

How Messer Group generated 3 times more leads thanks to marketing automation

We helped Messer Group to build a marketing automation ecosystem with the aim of taking their sales dependency down from 90% to 50% by 2020/2025.

Financial services

How ARAG applied business design thinking to shift towards a customer-centric organization

Responding to their customer needs, ARAG implemented the innovative solutions that came out of an extensive business design thinking exercise.

Telco & Media

How BASE increased user engagement with the help of a Messenger chatbot

BASE brought on board our expertise for the creation of a telecom chatbot via Messenger, a first in Belgium, to encourage their users to reload digitally. 

Financial services

How did Argenta implement Marketing Automation?

Argenta asked us to oversee the adoption of their new marketing automation tool Adobe Campaign, the aim being to send out to highly-personalized email campaigns. 

Consumer goods & retail

How Jacqmotte set up an e-shop for JACQ in 4 steps

Jacqmotte (JDE) jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon for their new premium coffee brand JACQ. We joined forces to prepare the soft and hard launch of their webshop.

Transport & logistics

How Gantrex rebranded their business world-wide

We teamed up with Gantrex to rationalize and optimize more impactful marketing materials to secure a better, more customer-centric brand image world-wide. 


How we identified early adopters for the launch of a new cardiological device

A leading medical device company asked us to identify potential early adopters to prepare the EMEA-launch of a new cardiological device.


How we developed the positioning and branding of a leading medical device company

A leading actor within the European endovascular & coronary market asked for support in defining their positioning strategy within the coronary market.


How we guided a large pharmaceutical company towards a strong digital strategy

We guided a large pharmaceutical company towards a strong digital strategy based on insights from healthcare professionals, their target group.

Words from our clients

It was a real pleasure working with The House of Marketing. They are clearly experts in their domain and, on top of that, I was impressed by the enthusiasm, perseverance and agility of their teams. The business design thinking exercise performed with their input and support did not only generate 4 promising value propositions in a short period of time, but also created an important cultural shift towards a customer-centric organization across the various departments.

Mireille Urlus
Chief Executive Officer at ARAG
Financial Services

Thanks to THoMers Stephanie, Laetitia and Magalie, the marketing team was able to quickly respond to the many challenges we were facing. The dazzling pace they got up to speed with the businesses, their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and marketing expertise truly contributed to the overall business success, and have made them highly appreciated throughout the organization. If you are looking for marketing experts who can see the bigger picture and above all really nice people to temporarily join your team, we highly recommend The House of Marketing.

Bart Nyns
Automotive: Marketing Manager Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - My Way - Group Fleet Solutions at D'Ieteren Auto
Transport & Logistics

To be honest, I've never seen such a professional approach. Even though THoMer Thomas was recruited for a less technical job, he needed to manage a technically difficult marketing automation platform. He's eager to learn, understand and perform in details.

Thomas Vanommeslaeger
COSI Lead Digital Platforms at UNILIN
Industry & Durables

The House of Marketing always offers quality. As a client, you can depend on them for a wide range of topics. All of the consultants that passed by here reflected on the bigger picture and integrated very well in our teams. The price tag is a bit hefty, but they deliver.

Keytrade Bank
Steven De Backer
Banking: Head of Communication and Activation at Keytrade Bank
Financial Services
Transport & Logistics
Consumer Goods & Retail
Financial services
Telco & Media
Industry & Durables

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