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17 January 2022

Podcast: Customer experience: a sustainable way to grow your business #customerexperience

13 October 2021

Digital transformation to improve customer experience #Digitaltransformation

26 July 2021

Podcast: Marketing Automation, a win-win strategy for businesses and customers

16 June 2021

Podcast: Value Management: How ID Marketing can help to fight churn in the most efficient way

26 April 2021

Podcast: The concrete impact of Integrated Data Marketing - the case of Luminus

22 March 2021

Veepee: "Free shipping? There is no such thing as a free lunch."

15 March 2021

Making social impact through a marketplace model

8 March 2021

Build a great omnichannel experience through "co-co": collaborate and coordinate!

1 March 2021

Build an e-shop in 30 days, from idea to the first order: Chef Basket did it

1 March 2021

How Kazidomi almost tripled their revenues during a pandemic