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4 September 2017

Top 5 marketing podcasts for making your daily commute memorable

Once the month of September comes, the summery days of empty roads and jam-free commutes are gone. So, faced with the old daily commute, people tend to get creative. There’s the ones who go crazy with Waze and its proposed shortcuts, or the secret opera-singers; then there’s those who incessantly call and the ones who desperately try to get some work done, however possible. Still, no matter which way you cut it, countless minutes seem to vanish into thin air every day.

But worry no longer: the ultimate way of avoiding traffic jams is described right here in this blogpost: Listening to podcastsIn the following overview, I give you my top 5 favorite podcasts, in no particular order.

Marketing Podcasts

1. Marketing over coffee

Marketing over coffee is probably the best-known marketing podcast out there. It has been around forever and explores everything between marketing and technology. The show is set up as a casual conversation in a coffee shop and airs every Thursday. Marketing tips and tricks, plus comments on current events in the tech world are the weekly drill. In addition, some very intriguing guests often join the podcast.

Tune into this podcast to be part of an engaging conversation with some of the marketing industry’s leaders and to learn some smart tips and tricks. This podcast may have a lot of qualities, but it is not my favorite on this list. For instance, do not expect every episode to be particularly eye-opening. That’s why I would advise you, before diving blindly into the massive archive, to have a listen to the most popular episodes.

Number of episodes: approx. 500 episodes

Average length: 20 min

Favorite episode: The interview with Seth Godin about his book “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” is definitely one of the show’s highlights. Godin challenges the traditional format of a book and explains how he did so in this podcast. Go to this page on the podcast’s website to find an overview of the most popular episodes.

2. HBR Ideacast

HBR Ideacast is often listed as one of the best business podcasts around – and for good reason. According to their website, "The HBR IdeaCast is our weekly audio podcast, bringing you analysis and advice from the leading minds in management." On a weekly basis, impressive guests drop in to talk about their vision: Eric Schmidt from Google, Evernote CEO Phil Libin, bestselling writer Isabel Allende and so on. HBR Ideacast is not technically a marketing podcast, but it does give business insights that are hard to miss for any marketer. Topics range from creativity for leaders to building emotional agility in the workplace.

Number of episodes: 500+ episodes

Average length: under 20 min

Favorite episode: 555. “What Superconsumers can teach you.” Eddie Yoon, marketing consultant and author of “Superconsumers”, explains how companies can use their most passionate customers to build their overall strategy.

3. Over klanten gesproken

The only Dutch-spoken podcast on this list. Dutch client experience specialist Sydney Brouwer shares his insights and talks to other authorities in the industry. This podcast is all about customer-centric thinking and how to implement it in your own company. Sydney talks about a wide range of customer-centricity champions, from hospitals to (surprisingly!) telecoms. This monthly podcast gets you up-to-date on NPS scores, customer journey mapping, client satisfaction and all other client-related topics. Think: Plenty of actionable advice on how to up your client game, with a pleasant Dutchman bringing it to you.

Number of episodes: 44

Average length: Ranges from 20 to 70 min

Favorite episode: OKG 24. “Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident, they are created on purpose.” This interview with customer experience expert Shaun Smith made me think of Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”. It reiterates the importance of purpose in any organization.

4. How I Built This

How I Built This is not a marketing podcast in the literal sense, but it definitely deserves a place on your playlist. Every HIBT episode focuses on a particular innovator or entrepreneur and goes into the movement or business they built. The stories are beautifully told and make you itch to undertake something yourself as well. One of the things I like about these podcasts are the well-selected questions asked by the interviewer:  Everything I wanted to ask myself. The podcast airs weekly and the most recent episodes include interviews with the founders of Rent the Runway, Kickstarter, Buzzfeed and Lonely Planet.

Number of episodes: 48

Average length: 30 min

Favorite episode: The interview with Jenn Hyman, founder of Rent the Runway. The inspiring story of an idea that snowballed into a booming business, playing into the experience economy.

5. The Unconventionals

The Unconventionals focuses on telling the stories of people who do business “the other way”. Listen to this podcast to refresh your view on business and the world around you. Brand and business leaders tell you why they decided to take on things differently and how it worked out for them. Topics range from 3D-bioprinting to the resurgence of Vinyl and the success of the Dollar Shave Club. Interviews go into depth on what the companies in question did differently and how you can apply these insights to your business.

Expect some refreshingly “unconventional” topics and even more refreshing advice from this award-winning podcast.

Number of episodes: 34

Average length: 35 min

Favorite episode: Season 3, episode 2: “Reinventing retail, one story at a time”. Listen to this episode to understand the need for renewal in the retail sector. Rachel Shechtman, founder of Story in New York, talks about retail and her unconventional take on it. Story, a store, art gallery and a magazine, reinvents itself every 6 to 8 weeks and reopens with a completely new look, new brands and, of course, a new story.

Other great marketing/business podcasts that did not make this list, but are still worth your time:

Growth Mapping Podcast, The Smart Passive Income, Perpetual Traffic, Online Marketing Made Easy, Growth Marketing Toolbox, Social Media Marketing, Superheroes of Marketing, Start-up School, Ted Radio Hour

Where can I listen to podcasts?

iOS: For Apple users, iTunes seems the obvious way to go. There is a podcast tab in iTunes that allows you to browse through the podcasts you would like to hear. Overcast is recommended as well and enables you, amongst other things, to adapt the speed of the podcasts you’re listening to.

Other apps for iOS: Podcasts, Audible, Pocket Casts ($), Soundcloud, RSSRadio Podcasts

Android: As an Android user myself, I recommend Stitcher. It’s a very user-friendly app and practically all podcasts are available here. There’s some handy features such as “listen later” and “my favorite favourite stations”. The app also recommends new podcasts based on what you previously listened to.

Other apps for Android: Podkicker, Podcast & Radio Addict, Podcast Player, Pocket Casts ($), Soundcloud


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