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13 December 2018

THoMer Inge: from the office to the festivals

After graduating three years ago, I joined The House of Marketing as a consultant. Ever since, I’ve been supporting marketing teams in various businesses and industries. My passion for marketing reaches further than work hours: once I return home from my client project, I get behind my desk to practice my skills at another company - my boyfriend’s.

He pursued his lifelong dream and founded his own black metal record label. How does a girl roll into something like this? Love, of course. As I’m an enthusiast for everything related to marketing and digital, it seemed nothing but logic to support my boyfriend in his passion. From setting up email campaigns to proposing e-commerce actions, I’m always looking for the next best thing to help him and his brand. 

Constant interplay

My position at The House of Marketing is a great source of inspiration for me when working for the label. The techniques and methods I apply at client projects can be implemented in the marketing strategy of my boyfriend’s business. And vice versa, of course. As the label is a small brand, I get to experiment and try out new solutions, which I later introduce to clients when completing an assignment for them. My job as a consultant and my work for the label go hand in hand and generate a valuable interaction.

Best of both worlds

Would I like to switch to a full-time job at the label? No, not really. I love working in various industries and immersing myself in different corporate cultures. That’s definitely something I thrive on. And I think my current job helps me to keep a healthy, objective outlook on our plans for the label. I’m happy to be able to combine both and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Route du festival

My job after hours usually proves to be a great conversation starter. I might not look like the average metal fan, but I’ve been an enthusiast of the genre for as long as I can remember. That’s another reason why I happily save my annual holidays for the festival season. For three months in a row, the label is represented at various European metal festivals. During that time I help to set up the promo stand, support in selling and take care of accounting. While it’s hard work, it’s more than rewarding to be able to visit those events, some of which are held at the most stunning and unexpected locations.

Last summer we drove to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Czech Republic and my favorite, Slovenia. Hidden between the beautiful Slovenian mountains, we attended Metal Days, a cosy festival that lasts ten days. I fully enjoyed the combination of live music and holidays, with temperatures rising up to thirty degrees. One of my best festival memories? Floating down the Soca river on an inflatable unicorn!

Pushed by passion

What I love about the black metal community is that it attracts the most passionate peopleAt every gathering, I see artists going to great lengths for their music and dreams, because succeeding in this genre requires a huge amount of time, energy and money. Witnessing their efforts and strength encourages me to continue pursuing my own passion in marketing. That’s why I consider every new project to be an exciting adventure and an opportunity to prove and challenge myself.