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6 March 2019

THoMer Charlot: a legal fish in the marketing bowl

Everyone knows you have to follow your dreams. But who dares to take the leap? I’m Charlot, a burgeoning daredevil that exchanged the legal profession for a career in marketing.

Did you know what you wanted to become at 18 years old? I didn’t. So I followed the path of many others and started a law degree. The reason? It was a broad field of study. One that spoke to me on many levels, but also gave me the opportunity to keep my future options open. After my graduation I became a lawyer-trainee at the Antwerp Bar specializing in privacy and intellectual property. But something felt off: I was a brightly colored fish in a rather gray legal sea…

I still had so many different interests I wanted to pursue. And when I noticed that the business of the client often appealed more to me than the actual legal advice, it became clear that life had a different path in store for me.

THoMerTalks_Charlot I

A taste of advertising

I don’t believe in serendipity. But quite a few puzzle pieces fell into place when I found out about the Belgian Advertising School. A one-year training that would ‘catapult me straight into the heart of the advertising business’. Could this be the springboard to another sector? I decided to take the plunge and opted for a second study.

Forget about classic education though. In no time I immersed myself in the world of brands, digital campaigns and trendwatching. A matching internship as a strategist got me acquainted with the ins and outs of advertising. I enjoyed this change of scenery to the fullest. But still, the sector didn’t fit me entirely either. All this creativity was very fascinating and inspiring, but there was one thought that kept tugging at me: what happens before the briefing?

Hello from the other side

Curious, yet again, about the business foundations of clients I was working for, I started digging deeper into the how and why of a company. How do businesses choose which products or services to launch? Why do they believe people will like it? How do they try to stay relevant? And who decides all of this? The answer was simple: marketers!

Suddenly I had found a profession that ticked lots of boxes. Marketing sounded like the perfect middle ground between the analytical legal field and the creative advertising industry. But how would I make the switch? That’s where The House of Marketing came in. When talking to people inside and outside the marketing world about where I was headed, its name popped up a few times – and it stuck.

That’s how I ended up in The House of Marketing’s pool of marketers. They gave me a speed course in marketing and guided me to become a generalist marketer. It felt like coming home. At first I was afraid to feel like the odd one out, but The House of Marketing proves that mixing different backgrounds is a huge asset. Inspiring and teaching each other is one of the pillars of the company, which makes for an inspiring and encouraging environment.

I guess the moral of my story is that you have to dare to change. No matter how daunting a career switch may seem, I can assure you in the end, it’s not as scary as you might think. Discover your passion and find a job that gives you energy instead of taking it from you. It’s never too late – or too early – to take the plunge!