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13 November 2015

The top 10 new tools I discovered at MarTech Europe

I already shared my insights gained at Scott Brinker’s first European edition of the MarTech Conference: technology is an essential enabler for marketing today.


But from Matt Lerner (a digital marketer who turned VC) and Ian Cleary (CEO of Razor Social) I learnt about these (amongst other) pieces of MarTech genius:

Cool tools:

  • : keeps track of your (and your competitors’) backlinks, great SEO tool!
  • : content curation tool, for any given topic, for finding out the most shared articles, authors,…
  • : for understanding your website and mobile visitors (heatmaps, funnel and exit tracking)
  • : if you send a copy of your email, they’ll let you know if it is likely to get flagged as spam and what you can do to improve its chances of being opened and read
  • : predicts emerging trends, viral content, key influencers
  • : image recognition and monitoring for social media

Watch out for these software newcomers that are expected to grow fast: