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19 July 2019

The 10 commandments of Tomorrowland

People from all over the globe have gathered again at the holy grounds of Tomorrowland. This unforgettable experience can be considered as a corporate religion, with few chosen ones. To stay in this spiritual mindset, I will summarize the important marketing lessons of this spectacular event in the form of 10 commandments. For eons the 10 commandments have been an important source of inspiration for believers and even for non-believers… so why not use this to show you the way for all your marketing initiatives?

festival brand experience tomorrowland

1. Customer journey 

Tomorrowland really provides an end-to-end journey. The organizers start the journey months before the event and the experience ends with an official after-video to trigger everyone to be at the next event.

2. Storytelling: content plan

Tomorrowland elaborates a whole content plan about the event and everything around the event. It even goes one step further by letting visitors do the storytelling as well, encouraging them to share the content.

3. Community building

Tomorrowland doesn’t just build customers, it builds loyal fans: The people of Tomorrow.

4. Community management: social media

Communication is focused on social media, particularly on Facebook.

5. Total customer experience

Tomorrowland creates a magical customer experience. It focuses on an overall feeling and adds emotions to every possible interaction to create a fabulous experience for all of the senses.

6. Innovation

Both before and during the event, many innovative products and services are available, such as the treasure case or music box with bracelet and the cashless festival where you pay with virtual pearls.

7. Details

Tomorrowland thinks about the smallest details so you always stay in the fairytale.

8. Exclusivity/Scarcity

The number of tickets are limited. First come, first served!

9. Special PR technique

Tomorrowland doesn’t create a great deal of communication. It doesn’t reveal everything at once, which gives the event multiple media opportunities. Every press release arrives with speculation and buzz.

10. Yesterday is history – Today is a gift – Tomorrow is a mystery 

Let’s translate this into: Loyalty – Experience – Surprise & Delight

Use these 10 commandments as a marketing checklist when you are organizing a fancy event or experience. I’m convinced this blueprint will help you to make a success out of it. Just have a little faith and you can become the Tomorrowland of your sector…