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8 February 2017

The 8 commandments of THoM's rebranding journey

We kicked off 2017 by proudly presenting the new branding of The House of Marketing. Here are 8 commandments that take you inside the story of this journey: 

Rebranding Infographic.png

1. Pick the right moment

Try to obtain input from your most valuable stakeholders. After talks with our THoMers, alumni and clients, perfectly timed with the third year of transformation within the Quanteus Group, there was no better time to kick-off our rebranding journey.

2. Align on the vision

A full rebranding has quite some impact. Make sure to agree on the elements that should remain – and make clear guidelines on the things that can change. We tackled this during a workshop with senior management where everyone could voice their opinion very openly.

3. Look at the big picture

A rebranding is not just an external facelift. Always take one step back and challenge the status quo. Assess the current market and its future trends and make sure to align your strategic positioning. It also gave us a strong base for bridging our strategy to our new branding. 

4. Make the subjective objective

Creativity, by definition, is always subjective. In a house full of marketers, who all have their own valuable opinion, we tried to make the subjective objective as much as possible. For example, we called on Colour Passport to define our house style colors in a scientific way.

5. Choose the right partners

Make sure there is a connection between your own DNA and the DNA of your creative partner. We joined forces with Jan Cordemans and Daniel Hermans, the minds behind C+H. They guided us through the creative process and helped us to link our identity with the new branding. We also leveraged the Quanteus Group and worked with Hello Agency for website development and the production of new communication materials. 

6. Take baby steps

Take the time to digest and let ideas evolve and grow: we had weekly meetings with the team and our management to discuss the progress, each time with new creatives that could support the decision process. 

7. The devil is in the details

Lock the details in a brand manifesto: our brand bible to be used by everyone from the launch onwards. It includes all guidelines of the new branding such as how the logo and colors should be used. We also appointed an internal brand champion team that would defend this bible and make sure the new branding is used consistently.

8. Excite your internal ambassadors

Last, but not least: make sure your internal ambassadors are on board as early as possible in the process. Fill them with enthusiasm by giving them sneak peaks and make sure the story is clear for them. We already shared our new logo and tagline internally some months before the actual launch. Also provide the right tools and information to spread the word. This goes from basic office material, to cool gadgets and fresh LinkedIn profile pictures. 


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