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21 April 2021

Press release - The House of Marketing and BUFFL join forces to accelerate innovation tracks by implementing a fast and efficient validation process

Diegem, April 21st, 2021 – The House of Marketing, market leader in strategic marketing consulting and interim management, announces a new strategic partnership with BUFFL, provider of a unique online validation tool collecting instant consumer feedback. Together, both parties offer a complete innovation approach focused on experimentation and an agile way of working. While The House of Marketing covers innovation strategy and implementation, BUFFL strengthens the qualitative research part. The power of this new commercial offering lies in the acceleration of innovation tracks by facilitating a rapid and efficient validation of problems, ideas, and solutions. 

Guiding companies through innovation tracks is one of the expertise domains of The House of Marketing. Their mission is to help businesses launch new concepts, products, services, and campaigns that meet actual customer needs. They therefore combine claimed and behavioral data in an approach they call Integrated Data (ID) Marketing.

While claimed data refers to what consumers say they'll do, behavioral or implicit data indicates what consumers actually do. “Integrated Data Marketing is a data-driven and agile methodology, in which we focus on rapid experimentation and validation. The validation tool of BUFFL matches our purpose: it's a time and cost-efficient way to quickly test and receive market feedback”, explains Thomas Peeters, Commercial Offering Lead at The House of Marketing.

Instant consumer feedback 

BUFFL’s validation tool allows companies to receive quick feedback from consumers, both in a B2C and B2B context. Representing the Belgian market, BUFFL owns a pool of 20,000 $ users that receive qualitative or quantitative questions via their app. In return for their answers, participants obtain incentives. BUFFL works with partners to mobilize international panels. 
“BUFFL has a unique offering in the market and is a valuable addition to the qualitative research we conduct. We integrate the tool in our innovation tracks for clients, so we can test and validate quickly and efficiently”, says Thomas Peeters.

Modern market research

The BUFFL tool can be used during different phases of the innovation process. “You can apply the tool for explorative research, to identify insights, problems, and needs”, clarifies Dennis De Clercq, CEO at BUFFL. “In addition, it can be used at problem, idea and solution level, to validate which problem, idea or solution should be focused on. You can also reach sub-segments, which comes in handy when you want to test certain personas.” 

The instant feedback that can be derived from the tool is especially valuable. “Thanks to BUFFL, you receive relevant input from a large group of consumers in a fast and efficient manner”, says Thomas Peeters. “While in the tool you see results come in within a few hours, the phase of traditional market research takes much longer. In that case, you quickly need a couple of weeks to capture the feedback of a hundred consumers.”  

Successful client projects

These past months, The House of Marketing and BUFFL have worked together on various successful client projects examples include Luminus, D'leteren, and Lampiris. 

BUFFL joins to the smooth story of The House of Marketing and their clients since we offer a low-threshold source of evidence to support milestone decisions in the problem, concept, or implementation phase. The House of Marketing is a reliable partner for customers to bring new ideas to the market quickly. With BUFFL, we help to sustain or increase the momentum of these tracks by performing the right validation experiments in a lab environment, at the right time”, concludes Dennis De Clercq. 


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BUFFL consists of a pool of driven ‘difference makers’ with a hunger to see better products and services emerge in daily life. These ‘difference-makers share instant feedback through a high-performing validation application, which empowers companies to successfully and efficiently navigate an innovation process themselves and make better decisions that are aligned with the expectations of intended end-users. By teaching these organizations how to successfully innovate and validated decisions, the average lead time of an innovation project is about 4 to 10 times shorter. 
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Commercial Offering Lead at The House of Marketing

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