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    15 March 2021

    Making social impact through a marketplace model

    Episode 07 The House of Marketing Podcast


    With Franco Prontera - Country Manager Too Good To Go, Kenny Defrijn – Head of Marketing Too Good To Go and Stephanie Tang, Senior Consultant at The House of Marketing.


    Too Good To Go fights food waste via a marketplace app that connects consumers with businesses facing surplus food. But what happened once COVID-19 hit and created an imbalance in the demand and supply equation? Franco Prontera and Kenny Defrijn talk about the opportunities and threats they came across when food businesses were suddenly forced to close down.



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    In a marketplace, it is important to maintain an excellent user experience for both parties, for Too Good To Go these are food businesses and consumers. To do so, the company has dedicated teams to roll out adapted strategies to both target groups.



    "In our customer contacts, we are very focused on saving food waste. The food waste movement is the red thread. Next to this it is also in our DNA to be friendly, positive and educating."​



    Listen to the episode to hear from Too Good To Go how thanks to their drive and focus, they managed to turn threats into opportunities while keeping both partners and consumers happy.


    This episode is part of our podcast series on e-commerce and the E-commerce Barometer published by The House of Marketing and


    Kenny Defrijn, Franco Prontera (Too Good To Go) and Stephanie Tang (THoM)





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