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13 January 2021

Podcast: How marketers can drive organizational change

Episode 02 — The House of Marketing Podcast


With Sophie Van Orden, Organizational Practice Lead, and Oliver McAllister, Senior Consulting Manager at The House of Marketing


Organizational design is an underestimated key matter in business change. Our experts join us to share best practices, common mistakes and more to help you and your company develop a better structure towards impact.


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Sophie Van Orden and Oliver McAllister join us to explain all about organizational design and how marketing can drive it to achieve strong impact and embrace change.

Our experts see some big trends happening. Firstly, companies that embraced digital early on are now reaping the benefits of their investments. Not only do they remain one step ahead of their competitors, but the gap is further widening. Sophie also mentions the pressure to remain relevant or to actually become relevant. A pressure which translates into internal and external challenges: the importance to engage with people remotely, agile and cross-functional collaboration, as well as the value of data integration, personalization, automation and so on.


Oliver and Sophie also point out some recurrent mistakes that still happen way too often: thinking only about the structure and not enough about its impact, the paralyzing fear of change, the lack of solid strategic foundations or simply the fact that many companies are still not in the driver's seat of their own transformation.


To empower marketers to drive organizational change, Sophie shares some key recommendations: let strategy define organizational design and avoid the opposite, get inspiration from outside of your industry, don’t just manage but lead by the example, put key people first on every aspect of your activity and integrate agile working. This means: be ready to adapt, test & learn, and co-create.


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