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    1 March 2021

    How Kazidomi almost tripled their revenues during a pandemic

    Episode 04 The House of Marketing Podcast


    With Marine Rozet, Retention & Partnerships Manager at Kazidomi​, and Stephanie Tang, Senior Consultant at The House of Marketing.


    Kazidomi is an online personalized food market with a focus on healthy and organic products. Kazidomi's revenues almost tripled in 2020. In this podcast, Marine Rozet tells where this exceptional growth came from: the surge of new customer segments, a higher purchase frequency and a greater awareness and interest for healthier products.



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    Another reason explaining this growth is the heavy investments in technologies, like marketing automation, personalization and voice technology, that Kazidomi is making to build a great and tailored customer experience.  A positive customer experience leads to repeat purchases and a higher basket value. Unlike the trend in the Belgian e-commerce landscape (-15%), the basket value increased by 8% at Kazidomi from 2019 to 2020.​



    "The combination of a highly personalized shopping experience, a better customer journey and more references on our shop has positively affected the basket value by 8% in 2020."​



    And what about going cross-border? Kazidomi’s current target markets are Belgium, France and The Netherlands but the company delivers in a total of 14 European countries. Expanding cross-border requires a well-thought strategy. Logistics is obviously a challenge but product offering and pricing should also be adapted to local flavours in order to be successful.​

    Listen to the episode to know how Kazidomi successfully embeds personalization in the customer experience and how the company enters new foreign markets.

    This episode is part of our podcast series on e-commerce and the E-commerce Barometer published by The House of Marketing and


    Stephanie Tang (THoM) and Marine Rozet (Kazidomi)




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