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13 February 2017

Marketing Genius 2017: 3 reasons to participate

Marketing Genius is the challenge for young marketing professionals (up to 35 years old) who dare to voice their own creative opinion.  Isabeau Sas, the winner of Marketing Genius 2016, shares 3 reasons with you to participate to the 2017 edition:
I uhhmd and rrhd quite a bit before I decided to just get over myself and write that genius opinion! You have nothing to lose and a KitchenAid to win (yes, that was the prize that won me over!). I’ll give you 3 good reasons why you should grab a glass of wine this weekend, nestle in your couch and get those creative juices flowing.

It’s the best exercise! 

When you work for a brand or company, every letter you write is audited. It’s hard to colour outside the lines or the brand manual. In a marketing challenge, though, you can go balls to the wall with your creative ideas and it won’t have any repercussions. What have you got to lose besides a year of free beer? If you like to up the marketing ante, it’s the best possible exercise.


You get to know who’s who in the marketing zoo

I had just moved back from overseas and was desperate for marketing contacts and a network. The House of Marketing is the reference in Belgium and abroad. When you have the chance to get in front of them, you do it. On top of that,  I was given a slot  to present my POV at the Vlerick Marketing Colloquium in front of Belgium’s marketing crème de la crème. It’s a great way to get noticed.


The title (and the prizes!)

Who doesn’t like to be called a Marketing Genius? It was a title I was surprisingly comfortable with. Need to get that raise?! Well, there’s your leverage! I won’t deny it, the prizes are amazing. A new phone, laptop, chocolates galore and even though I haven’t baked a single cake with my KitchenAid just yet, it still looks pretty darn nice in my flat.


Think Nike. Just do it.