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20 July 2016

Our interviews at WebTomorrow with Scott from IBM Watson IoT and Richard from Turn

WebTomorrow 2016 was all about the impact of digital!

The House of Marketing invited IBM Watson Internet of Things, Marketo and Turn to our on-stage panel discussion about “Will marketing become an algorithm?”.

Afterwards THoMers Renout and Karolien took the time to ask them some interesting questions about the future of marketing.

Watch the interview with Richard Robinson, General Manager and VP EMEA at Turn and Scott Neuman, Director of Marketing at IBM Watson Internet of Things! 


Scott Neuman: "Technology will help us make sense of structured and unstructured data"


Richard Robinson: “The data tsunami that will be hitting all marketers is very exciting!“

Want even more WebTomorrow content? During the Lunch Talk of The House of Marketing, THoMers Karolien and Sophie continued on the topic by answering the following question: "Will robots take over our jobs?". Have a look at their insights: 

Will robots take over our jobs?