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19 September 2016

Immersion Camp 2016

The House of Marketing is proud to welcome 17 new THoMers in the company. The first thing on their agenda? Immersion camp: a whole week offsite at the beginning of September, where they get an introduction in our way of working via trainings and workshops, and need to solve a real-life business case. But it's not only work of course. There is also an important teambuilding aspect to the immersion camp, since the new THoMers get to know each other better in order to build on each other's knowledge and experience.

Meet our new THoMers:


Alexandra Steel, Amélie Timmermans, Anne-Charlotte de Cartier and Bess Cannaerts. 

Charlotte Marin, Eline Khancheh Zar, Eva Dillen and Filip Vandegehuchte.

Florence Dierick, Jeroen Beckstedde, Lucas De Dycker and Niels Villers.

Oliver McAllister, Renout van Hove, Robine Goris, Stijn Gysel and Thomas De Backere.