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5 October 2019

How the Immersion Camp prepared us for life @ The House of Marketing – in 3 steps

The Immersion Camp is a yearly tradition at The House of Marketing and is designed to give a fitting welcome to the new joiners. It is an intense week filled with training session and team activities, one that prepares every participant for life at The House of Marketing. Here’s how:

Step 1: Cracking a real-life case 

This year’s case was undertaken in collaboration with La Monnaie/De Munt, an opera house situated in Brussels. The key challenge was to develop a marketing strategy enabling them to generate more revenue. To reach this goal, our approach was threefold: creating a value proposition, improving inbound marketing and optimizing conversion. All 19 new THoMers were divided into three teams, each focusing on one topic.

On Friday, it was showtime! Having worked in three teams throughout the week, a crucial element was to make sure our final story was coherent. So, we did a dry run in the morning to make sure all teams were on the same wavelength. In the afternoon, we could finally present all our ideas at La Monnaie. From personae and value propositions to a marketing automation strategy and conversion optimization tactics, every new joiner presented a part of the case, which made it feel like a real team effort! The icing on the cake of our journey was the enthusiastic response of the team at La Monnaie and the guided tour behind the scenes of the prestigious opera house.

Participants of the 2019 Immersion Camp at La Monnaie/De Munt
Step 2: Crash courses & training sessions 

During the week, we needed to boost our knowledge so that we were fully primed to brainstorm together and come up with the best solutions. Some experienced THoMers took the time to immerse the newbies in the world of value propositions, inbound marketing and conversion optimization.

Having the right content is one thing, being able to convince your audience of your message is just as important. We therefore took part in two different sessions to improve our presentation skills. Pol Vanstallen taught us how to clearly structure a message with the help of the Minto principle; Frederik Imbo explained how the style and way of presenting can make or break your presentation. His out-of-the-box exercises for eye contact, the right volume and natural gestures left a lasting impression on us all.

Step 3: Informal networking

Spending the week together working on a case was a good start for the new joiners to get to know each other better. We discovered there are underwater hockey players, people who still eat Olvarit jars, unicyclists and explorers from the Netherlands. Safe to say that our fingerprint logo and claim that “THoM is a collection of unique fingerprints” are right on the mark!

We worked hard on the case, but also enjoyed some free time, like a lovely dinner at Martinushoeve together with our mentor and counselor. We got further acquainted with other THoMers, explored our values and learned how we will be coached towards developing our full potential. But that was not all: we were invited to a surprise activity, which turned out to be an escape room. We’re proud to announce that we all got out unharmed and on time. Teamwork makes the dream work, you could say!

Immersion Camp 2019 edition!

And now… we’re all set to leave our fingerprint while working on impactful marketing projects!