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11 February 2020

Give a voice to your brand

Have you ever considered giving a voice to your brand? Can you imagine how powerful it would be to have a conversation with your customers at home, in their car and everywhere they go? New technologies have brought new opportunities for brands to improve the services offered to their customers and become more customer-centric. Voice technology is one that wields a strong impact. Read on to discover why your brand should adopt a voice strategy today.

Give a voice to your brand

Get an edge on your competitors

Surfing on the new technologies wave is essential for companies present in a heavily competitive market if they want to avoid losing sales opportunities, for one. Domino’s pizza is a great example of this, as the company managed to overtake its big rival Pizza Hut thanks to digital technologies, including voice.

To have an idea of voice growth: 50% of all searches will be made via voice assistant by 2020, according to ComScore. Don’t give your competitors the opportunity to take your market shares. Imagine you don’t have a voice strategy adapted to a voice search and your competitors do. People who search for a service or a product like yours will be more likely to be redirected to your competitors’ offers. Even if people are specifically searching for you, voice assistants could directly recommend your competitors if they can’t find information about you. Besides, if your competitors offer great voice services that make customers’ life easier, they could attract more customers, including yours.

Jumping on the voice train opens up a world of opportunities. And this is the time to seize them, while the number of companies already working on voice is quite limited. Grasp the chance to adapt your business to voice by coming up with an amazing voice service that will facilitate your customers’ life before your competitors. At the same time, exploit a number of ‘first mover’ advantages, such as establishing the voice services standards in your industry, making a strong impression on customers, taking competitors’ market shares, etc.

Increase your website traffic and revenue

If your brand has a well-established voice search strategy, voice assistants are more likely to recommend your products or services. Thereby boosting your website traffic and your online revenues. In the US, 2018 sales via voice assistant hit the $ 2.1 billion mark, which represented 0.5% of the total US e-commerce revenue.

And the buck doesn’t stop there. It’s predicted that revenues from voice search will continue to grow. According to Gartner, companies that redesign their website for voice searches will see a 30% revenue increase by 2021. This is because the number of people owning voice devices is set to spiral. This innovation will be progressively integrated into people’s daily life and routines. In a few years’ time, having a voice assistant will become mainstream. Moreover, it will be used more and more to make purchases.

Improve your customer experience 

Today, customers demand great experiences and have higher expectations than ever before. Voice technology enhances customers’ digital experience. It makes their daily life easier and more convenient by assisting them.

To improve your brand perception and make your customers’ life easier, adopt a voice strategy by considering all voice opportunities for your business. Imagine people’s frustration if they are looking for you via a voice search and can’t find you. And, of course, feel free to think further than voice search and explore other voice functionalities that you can implement to offer your customers a better experience.

One customer experience key factor that is boosted by voice technology is customer service. That’s because voice increases the range of services by offering customers a new way of interacting, a new way of obtaining assistance. For instance, Amazon offers a service (Amazon Lex) allowing companies to create intelligent conversation chatbots that can manage calls. It can understand the caller’s intent, ask follow-up questions and provide answers based on the conversation. That’s a great opportunity to optimize call centres.

Boost your customer brand loyalty

Adding voice to your strategy offers a unique and optimized customer experience that will definitely nurture the relationship your customers have with your brand and build and increase their loyalty towards it.

Voice assistant recommendations depend mainly on people’s behavior, habits and preferences. Personal voice assistants become smarter over time as they learn more and more about their users. This means that, if customers start buying your brand, it will be retained and your brand has a better chance of being recommended next time. Customers will become accustomed to reordering your products over and over again. This is also a great ‘first mover’ advantage that is up for the taking by the first companies to invest in voice technology.

Reinforce your brand humanity

Making your brand more human is always a good idea, as customers are usually more attached, engaged and loyal to human brands. Today, being human has never been so crucial for brands, as machines are increasingly replacing real people in customers’ interactions.

Voice devices naturalize interactions people have with brands, which boosts customers’ retention and loyalty. Research shows that 41% of voice device owners feel they are talking to a friend when they are speaking to their voice assistant. Actually, most of the people talk to them as if they were humans by using the same language they also use with their peers. They even say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when they talk to them.

So what are you waiting for? 

In the light of the growing importance of voice, integrating voice technology into brands’ digital marketing strategy is becoming crucial. It is definitely changing the way people interact with brands and how people search for things. It brings with it a host of opportunities, such as increasing online traffic and revenue, boosting customer experience, customer service, brand loyalty and brand humanity.

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