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9 March 2014

Fair tale or fairy tale?

Once upon a time marketers were perceived as people who simply sold hot air wrapped in a fluffy story. Anno 2014 storytellers are considered the new marketers. But is storytelling really revolutionary? Isn’t it just a timeless or indeed already old-school skill?
Fair tale or fairy tale

I believe the real buzzword is storydoing: The combination of practicing what you preach and preaching what you practice. Companies will lose their credibility if they don’t act upon the narrative they carry out. In order not to be disrupted, organizations should be authentic and have a clear purpose and well-considered values, carried out by all employees through customer service, product design, etc. Marketers should live their brand and really be their true story.

In the Yearly Marketing Survey 2014 surprisingly almost 50% of the respondents are convinced that being a good storyteller will even become the most important marketer’s skill. Are they serious? Aren’t they losing sight of other essential skills, like analytical competences, for example? The right interpretation of figures can reinforce their content and allow them to investigate whether or not they walk the talk.

So, if companies no longer need to tell explicitly why they are great but manage to become the favorite brand amongst consumers, then marketers will live happily ever after.