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17 January 2020

How we identified early adopters to prepare the EMEA-launch of a new cardiological device

The House of Marketing identified potential early adopters to prepare the EMEA-launch of a new medical device in cardiology.

Our client, a leading medical device company, wanted to segment their target audience to optimize their sales approach. During the preparation of the launch of a new type of medical device in a mature market, our client was struggling to identify the potential early adopters of the device.

They approached us to help them identifying potential early adopters and their key decision criteria

2020_Client story_Bert_How we identified early adopters for the EMEA launch of a new cardiological device

Bridging the knowing-doing gap

  1. Qualitative interviews with 27 sales reps from different countries & 3 physicians to identify potential decision variables
  2. Quantitative market research with target physicians (n=246)

The results of the research were analyzed via a supervised/elastic net classification model (principal component analysis).

Leaving our fingerprint behind

We achieved the following results:

  • Identification of 13 influencing variables and 5 ‘golden questions’ that give a clear insight in the likelihood of a physician for prescribing the new medical device
  • Delivery of a scoring tool that allows to predict the likelihood to prescribe for each individual physician

Leaving our fingerprint in the healthcare industry

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