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3 March 2020

How we guided a large pharmaceutical company towards a strong digital strategy based on target group insights

The marketing team of our client, a large pharmaceutical company, wanted to improve their communication towards healthcare professionals. This resulted in 3 main questions:

  1. Persona profiling: what are the needs, behavior and media behavior of this changing target group of healthcare professionals, especially millennial healthcare professionals?
  2. Communication SWOT: looking at the objectives, how effective is the communication towards the target group today?
  3. Inspiration: what are best practices from other (healthcare) companies?

They reached out to The House of Marketing to build a strong digital strategy based on target group insights.

How we guided a healthcare company towards a strong digital strategy based on target group insights

Bridging the knowing-doing gap

Our approach consisted of the following steps:

  1. Lean insights gathering to define the gap between the AS IS & the TO BE situation:
  • Target group profiling based on quantitative survey & qualitative social karma persona insights
  • Assessment of communication materials 
  • Collection of pharma best practices
  1. Opportunity mapping: clear mapping of the gap and first view on opportunities to close this gap

Leaving our fingerprint behind

Our projected resulted in the following: 

  • A clear view on the current target group, their needs & interests
  • Key barriers identified within the marketing funnel & clear recommendations on how to tackle those
  • An overview of best practices within the pharma industry
  • Mapping of key opportunities & high level feasibility exercise of each opportunity (in-depth analysis is for a next phase)
  • Internal alignment on key challenges & opportunities regarding the communication towards the target group

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