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4 February 2020

How we developed the positioning and brand identity of a leading medical device company in the coronary market

Our client is one of the leading actors within the European endovascular & coronary market.

A recent brand tracker exercise showed that their target group does not clearly understand what the brand stands for. Next to this, our client lacks a clear view on purchase motivations.

They approached The House of Marketing for advice and support in defining their positioning strategy within the coronary market.

How we developed positioning & brand identity of a leading medical device company in the coronary market

Bridging the knowing-doing gap

We set up a team that consisted of a Consulting Manager and a Junior Consultant. They organized:

  1. Qualitative (interviews, desk research) & quantitative (survey) insight gathering
  2. A workshop around mission & positioning
  3. A workshop around brand identity
  4. A translation of positioning & brand identity into an agency briefing and first creative ideas

Leaving our fingerprint behind

  • Desk research gathering trends & best practices in the endovascular & coronary market sector
  • Qualitative (in-depth interviews) and quantitative (100 respondents, 5 EU countries) research to identify specific needs, opportunities and buying motivations
  • Creation of a new market competitive mission and vision 2.0
  • A fully customer-centric positioning, aligned with market needs & differentiated from competitors
  • A full brand-ID including briefing/strategic guidelines towards creative agency
  • Development of creative idea(s) supporting the redefined positioning

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