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    9 August 2018

    Diving into innovation: a business design thinking training

    Are you familiar with the business design thinking methodology? It's a mindset, a customer-centric approach to problem solving and a way to design things right (versus designing the right things) based on customer needs. The approach focuses on doing rather than thinking and provides a solution to cope with a constantly changing world.

    Visualizing our explanation: 

    Innovation: design thinking training at The House of Marketing
    Our innovation team hosted an internal training combining theory about design thinking and practice (of course!). In groups, we empathized with our customers on the challenges they're confronted with and came up with creative solutions to test.  

    Scroll through the pictures below for a glimpse of our training!

    Getting ready for the design thinking training

    Attentive faces during the design thinking presentation

    Team work: tackling client issues

    Brainstorming about client challenges

    Discussing challenges and solutions

    Collecting ideas into buckets

    Never enough post its!

    Hard work rewarded: ice cream treats!

    Ice cream selfie! 

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