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16 July 2015

askMARK. - New marketing offering for small and medium-sized companies

Are you a SME or a start-up? Then your marketing impact is only one question away with askMARK.


A lot of companies are in need of marketing help for attracting new customers, for managing the website, for launching new products, for developing folders, for organizing events,… but they don’t have the time nor the knowledge to really get things started.

With askMARK. you will have your own marketing team only when you need it and how you need it. Taking into account your needs, askMARK. selects the necessary marketing experts and operational marketers to improve your marketing impact and to get the job done.

flexible credit system allows you to pay with a certain amount of credits, depending on the specific marketing help you need. askMARK. is really an “à la carte” marketing offering. You can see it as the prepaid card of marketing.

Check out the website for more information. Just pop your question and askMARK. will propose you a personalized approach.

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