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1 August 2017

A toast to the summer!

At The House of Marketing we are passionate about marketing, helping our clients and supporting each other in our professional challenges. And like every big family, we get together frequently. 

Once a month we meet to catch up, but during summer we truly take the time for a fun activity. The 2017 Summer Informal was all about sharing passions. A handful of THoMers hosted a workshop for their colleagues regarding their interests. Some THoMers learned how to taste wine, while others learned how to make easy and daily hairstylestake the perfect picture or share their passion about bikes and food.

How to talk and taste wine


So what if you're not an expert in wine! This workshop proved our THoMers that all you need is your senses and a good vocabulary.

We deep dived into the linguistics behind the jargon of wine lovers, geeks and wine writers and we tried to write our own professional tasting notes for 3 wines from Our Daily Bottle Wine Club.


Foodies united!


Teaching your colleagues how they can steal the hearts of their guests at home by delighting them with easy, but delicious appetizers, in the middle of an office in only 45 minutes? THoMers Lise & Bert accepted the challenge!

A temporary kitchen was installed in our offices, and in no time, 10 THoMers were taught how to cook gorgeous tortilla wraps with guacamole & crunchy goat cheese croutons combined with veggie-friendly garden pea soup.

Once again it became clear: by serving good food, you can make everyone happy!


Passion for Bikes & Mechanics


At The House of Marketing we like all things to run smoothly, also our bikes! Thanks to the workshop on bike mechanics, our THoMers now know all the materials and techniques required to keep their bikes clean and shiny.

Do you have a flat tyre? No need to bring up the puppy eyes! Replacing a tyre has no more secrets for our THoMers.

Time to strike a pose 


Owning a DSLR but not understanding the basic principles of photography is like driving your super sports car only in first gear. With this workshop, 17 photo enthusiasts got a 45 minute deep dive into the importance of light and the technical foundation of what makes a good exposure.

During the first part, the participants were introduced to the exposure triangle of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and how to make creative use of its side effects. In the second part, we showcased the most important rules of composition and how to creatively apply them to improve any shot.


Updos & Hairstyles


Everybody knows the problem: "What to do with my hair?" or even "How to manage my daughter's abundant chestnut hair?". During this workshop, our THoMers learned to use bobby pins, elastics and brushes to create nicely styled hair-do's.

It was certainly the most girly and noisy workshop of the evening, but also the most spontaneous one with trendy and happy colleagues as a result! 


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