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30 October 2019

How Growth Marketing can boost your (e-commerce) sales

Kill fast, scale faster. That's the motto of THoMers and digital experts Anh Khoa and Stefan, who hosted a webinar on Growth Marketing.

At The House of Marketing, we often work together with our sister company Upthrust on digital projects with clear synergies in terms of scope, roles & responsibilities. By combining growth hacking tactics with design thinking methodologies, our experts develop fast experiments and implement the most effective ones with the highest ROI for short term impact.

Some key takeaways of the webinar: 

  • The 'big conversion idea' doesn't exist, try 1000 instead
  • Install a rapid experimentation mindset & test the full funnel
  • Don't get emotional. Only take number-based decisions

What to expect from the webinar? 

  • An introduction of key Growth Marketing principles
  • A deep-dive into the real-life client case of Multipharma, complete with tangible examples
  • Growth Marketing top tips, dos & don’ts

We believe that Growth Marketing can help to achieve your mission of business innovation and growth. Relevant for every industry, it is well worth watching the full recording of our webinar.

Webinar Growth Marketing in e-com 2019.10.24

If you're struggling with your Growth Marketing challenges, reach out to our growth marketers to discuss your next steps.