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14 December 2015

8 reasons why I love being a THoMer

After working for two and a half years at The House of Marketing, I felt the need to express why I love being a THoMer! Here are my 8 reasons why I’m happy to work at The House of Marketing:


1) The variety and the quick learning curve 

I’m working almost 2,5 years and already had 6 different job functions, worked in 6 different sectors and got to know many different company cultures.

2) Being the fresh breeze

At the client you are the external fresh breeze who has a clear vision, without the baggage internal people are carrying. You can really look at things from a new and fresh perspective.

3) Everyone is being heard

The House of Marketing has a great company culture with important values, which we keep on protecting. One of the nice outcomes of those values is that even the most junior new joiner will always be heard. Everyone’s ideas are equal and everyone is cherished for his/her own talent.

4) One big family

You are not a number in a big company. You are the most important asset of a family-minded company. This creates a very strong connection with The House of Marketing and the other THoM’ers.

5) Getting to know many people

I have met a lot of interesting people and made new connections within The House of Marketing and at my clients.

6) Professional and flexible mindset

The House of Marketing has the professionalism of a multinational but the flexibility and mindset of a start-up.

7) Working with like-minded people

A typical THoMer can be characterized by being enthusiastic, eager to learn, passionate, a hard worker and by wanting to be challenged a lot! You can imagine working with those kind of people is very motivating and creates unseen synergies.

8) Room for fun! A lot of fun!

THoMbuildings, ski-trips, summer getaways to the Ardennes, the monthly THoM meetings,…

Like we always say "Once a THoMer, always a THoMer". And I’m lucky to be one!


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