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17 May 2016

3 marketing automation trends from the Marketing Nation Summit 2016

At the Marketing Nation Summit, a lot of insights about marketing automation and the latests trends were shared. Today I'll be sharing 3 of those trends with you. These are definitely not the first steps to take in your digital transformation, but they are happening right now. This is what you should be thinking about if you want your competition to wonder why you're so successful:



1. Artificial intelligence

Companies that are embracing digital transformation soon run into a luxury problem: there is just too much data they can use to optimize the customer experience.

That's where machine learning jumps in. Thanks to machine learning, a company can use all the data available to identify which customer behavior, profile variables or touch points matter most. Your new 100% digital friend will even give you recommendations on what to do next.


2. ABM - Account-based marketing

Are you a B2B company with a strong digital DNA? Then there is good news for you! Account-based marketing allows you to choose your future clients and they will welcome your sales team with open arms thanks to very targeted and personalized  campaigns. 

97% of users said ABM had a higher ROI than other marketing initiatives.


3. Paid media integration

This is very good news for marketers on all levels, and definitely those who are doing omni-channel campaigns. Until now most paid media were managed outside your marketing automation platform. Thanks to recent developments it is possible to manage all paid media inside your marketing automation platform.

This means a much better view on the cost/revenue of paid media, more personalization and targeting options, goal-based reporting and your team doesn't need to learn the details of multiple media platforms. 


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