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30 July 2018

Long live summer! The 2018 edition of our Summer Informal

How we wish summer could last forever. Last week, we celebrated our favorite time of the year with our Summer Informal. During the annual event, employees and freelancers of The House of Marketing gather to mingle.

Although the current heatwave had us prepared for a night outside (read: shorts, sandals and summer dresses), a sudden rain shower threatened our well organized plans. But even roadblocks and two hour delays couldn't stop our THoMers: everyone made it for a night of quizzing, laughing and talking. We enjoyed a refined walking dinner served by Hof Ter Musschen – and the skies eventually cleared! 

Check out some images below. If you can't get enough, relive our last summer BBQ while you're at it.

Our Summer Informal 2018

Quiz time!


The winners!

Walking dinner

Enjoying food and talks

More food and more talks!

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