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11 June 2020

12 tools to boost your company's innovation skills

With an overload of tools and techniques to implement innovation at your company nowadays, we have made it easy for you: we have curated a list of 12 tools we think you might actually use and like. 

How to start?

1. Empower your intrapreneurs with Yambla
Yambla is a fun and simple tool that helps you to discover the best ideas in your company. Share your challenges, get notified about the most promising ideas and follow up on them as they level up through your stage gates.

2. Boost your creativity with Brainsparker
Brainsparker provides you with your own creativity coach available in an easy-to-use app. With a unique mix of trigger words, images, actions and questions, you have access to an endless source of fresh ideas.

2. How to organize?

3. Organize your teamwork with Trello 
Trello is a management tool that visualizes your project work on a board with cards for every task. It's easy to create deadlines and assign work to the responsible team members. Trello can also be used as a board for a scrum project ot track ongoing sprints, back logs and so on.

4. Stay connected with Slack
Slack is a collaboration tool used to funnel the communication within your project. For every type of conversation, there is a different channel organized by topic, project or team. It's easy to share and search files with the integration possiblities with many other platforms like Twitter and Mailchimp.

5. Capture your brainstorm with the Post-it® Plus App
The Post-it® Plus App allows you to create digital notes from your brainstorm. Capture up to 50 square Post-it® notes at a time and share them with your team. Reorganize their structure and add new ideas after the discussion.

6. Collaborate on digital whiteboards with Mural
Mural is a cloud-based, online collaboration workspace that provides shared digital whiteboards for teams. It's accessible anytime from anywhere and different users can edit simultaneously. With many available templates at a real-time connection, your thoughts and ideas are shared easily.

. Clarify your thoughts with Coggle
Coggle is a project tool used to create and share mind maps. It's super simple to visualize your ideas and add notes along the process; whether it's planning, brainstorming or reviewing a project.

3. How to test?

8. Prototype from paper with Pop
Pop is a great design tool to bring your pen and paper ideas to life. Any sketch can easily be transfomed into an interactive iPhone or Android prototype to stimulate your app idea. Instead of hiring expensive developers, you can test and improve the prototype yourself.

9. Wireframe your ideas with Balsamiq
Balsamiq is another design tool to work faster and smarter in agile teams. You can easily create your first wireframes with little investment in time and effort, leaving more time and resources to revise your designs, and to do so more often.

10. Ask community feedback with Swelly
Swelly is a voting chatbot that enables you to capture feedback from a worldwide community. Through a conversational interface you simply upload your question with 2 pictures and your market research can start. Within no time, you'll know what the community thinks about your idea!

11. Capture customer feedback with Experience Fellow
Experience Fellow is a free mobile app you can use to collect information on your consumer's customer journey. On-the-go feedback reported during the experience takes away the memory bias and gives you valuable input to improve your brand, product or service experiences.

12. Get the vibe right with Coffitivity
Coffitivity boosts your creativity by recreating ambient sounds you can play in the background while working on your project. According to research, being distracted a bit helps you to be more creative!

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