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4 December 2018

Growth hacking explained: the 4-step process to become a growth marketer

3 December 2018

Debate on the data skills of marketers with Koen Pauwels (3/3)

30 November 2018

Black Friday: Tradition or just a label for another sales period?

26 November 2018

Behind the scenes of data analytics tools & models with Koen Pauwels (2/3)

23 November 2018

What we learned at Web Summit 2018: Why adding a human touch to data is important

20 November 2018

Deep dive into data analytics with Koen Pauwels (part 1/3)

20 November 2018

Explore the world of data analytics with Professor Koen Pauwels

14 November 2018

THoMer Kristien: conscious consumer passionate about purpose-driven organizations

12 November 2018

How to leverage Voice technology?

12 November 2018

An e-commerce launch for JACQ by Jacqmotte (JDE)