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Strategic Marketing Consulting & Interim Management

Dive into our study about the state of marketing automation where we compared Belgium to 14 European countries.



Dreams become reality 
when we put our mind to it.

At The House of Marketing, we dare to challenge the status quo and dream with our clients in these ever-changing times. Our entrepreneurial instincts and future-proof vision on marketing enable us to inspire and stimulate innovation, while keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of the latest marketing trends.

Think twice.
Then act.

We are the architect of ideas for our clients, transforming dreams into reality through strategic marketing consulting. The House of Marketing is at the forefront of marketing thinking and doing, driven by a connected hub of dedicated entrepreneurial THoMers who look at opportunities beyond the job.

Stop doing what is easy.
Start doing what is right.

From vision to strategy, down to the last mile of implementation, The House of Marketing bridges the knowing-doing gap through interim management. Bringing in a THoMer means bringing in a highly motivated, curious, optimistic, hands-on and pragmatic personality who can and dares to leave a mark.

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THoMerTalks Charlot-1
6 March, 2019

THoMer Charlot: a legal fish in the marketing bowl

Everyone knows you have to follow your dreams. But who dares to take the leap? I’m Charlot, a burgeoning daredevil that exchanged the legal profession for a ...
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2019_POV_e-commerce Belgium_Lucas-1-1
20 February, 2019

E-commerce in Belgium: what's in the numbers?

Every year, numerous quantities of research try to estimate the size of the Belgian e-commerce market. Most of the time these high-level estimations are ...
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THoMski 2019-2
20 February, 2019

Relive our #THoMski2019

Put a group of marketing consultants together, mix it with enthusiasm and energy – and what do you get? An epic skitrip! Let us take you back to our THoMski ...
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2019_POV_big data segmentation_Laurean-1
20 February, 2019

Has 'big data' killed customer segmentation as we know it? How hyper-personalization is taking over

Customers are or should be, at the heart of every organization. We segment them to personalize our offering and approach them differently to satisfy their ...
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Parsnip_next attempt-1
14 February, 2019

The great mystery of the 'pastinaak' hype: the grey zone of online advertising

The parsnip hype (‘pastinaak’ in Dutch) recently put online advertising in the spotlight again. A Facebook ad, aimed at female fans of the cooking show ...
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Meet our THoMers
Our consultants are anything but your basic marketers. These seasoned pros are genuine architects of ideas and leave a lasting impression. Meet our marketing vanguards and discover how they can improve your marketing department.

Charlot Van Der Jeucht

Everyone knows you have to follow your dreams. But who dares to take the leap? I’m Charlot, a burgeoning daredevil that exchanged the legal profession for a career in marketing.
THoMer Charlot: a legal fish in the marketing bowl
Charlot Van Der Jeucht

Alexandre Van de Vel de Sousa

I'm Alexandre, former track & field athlete and member of the THoM family since 2018. Here’s my story, of how I moved from the running track to the marketing mill.
THoMer Alexandre: straight from the running track
Alexandre Van de Vel de Sousa

Stijn Sommerijns

I’ve always been passionate about traveling and getting myself immersed in new cultures. So when my previous employer presented me with the opportunity to move abroad, I knew I had to seize it.
THoMer Stijn: L.A. Calling
Stijn Sommerijns

Inge Van Israël

My passion for marketing reaches further than work hours: once I return home from my client project, I get behind my desk to practice my skills at another company - my boyfriend’s. He founded his own black metal record label.
THoMer Inge: from the office to the festivals
Inge Van Israël

Kristien Schrauwen

If I had to briefly describe myself, I’d say I’m a value-driven marketer and a positive thinker with a strong sense of responsibility. In my daily life, I try to reduce my ecological footprint in incremental steps.
THoMer Kristien: conscious consumer passionate about purpose-driven organizations
Kristien Schrauwen
A word from our clients
Thanks to THoMers Stephanie, Laetitia and Magalie, the marketing team was able to quickly respond to the many challenges we were facing. The dazzling pace they got up to speed with the businesses, their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and marketing expertise truly contributed to the overall business success, and have made them highly appreciated throughout the organization. If you are looking for marketing experts who can see the bigger picture and above all really nice people to temporarily join your team, we highly recommend The House of Marketing.
Bart Nyns_client testimonial_D'Ieteren
Bart Nyns
Marketing Manager Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - My Way - Group Fleet Solutions at D'Ieteren Auto
To be honest, I've never seen such a professional approach. Even though THoMer Thomas was recruited for a less technical job, he needed to manage a technically difficult marketing automation platform. He's eager to learn, understand and perform in details.
T. Vanommeslaeger
COSI Lead Digital Platforms at UNILIN

Teaming up with UPTHRUST: We DO great together

We dream, think and do digital. For the implementation of our digital strategies, we join forces with our spin-off UPTHRUST. Don't think agency, think lean team: a pool of marketITers answers your need for in-house, operational digital marketing talent. UX specialists, acquisition experts, growth hackers - whether you're looking for help with a digital project or need to fill a digital resource gap, they've got your back.

The state of marketing automation in Belgium

Dive into our study about the state of marketing automation where we compared Belgium to 14 European countries.