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Future marketing capabilities

In an age where consumers are continuously connected over multiple devices customer expectations are changing and companies are struggling to keep up.  In order to market effectively to each consumer, companies need to build teams that can respond dynamically to this new landscape. You can buy the right technology, but you need people who are driving the decision making, analyzing the data, architecting the customer experience and developing solutions to deliver real value. 

The House of Marketing can help companies to assess the efficiency of the marketing team and its capabilities, define the marketing organization and the capabilities required to achieve real business impact, build the right capabilities by coaching and training and design the right customer processes and change management roadmap to enable a customer-centric strategy.

The House of Marketing can help you with:

  • Marketing Auditing
  • Organization & change management
  • Marketing coaching & training
  • Customer process management
Sophie Van Orden
Sophie Van Orden 
Head of Knowledge Management

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