Bert Van Eeckhoudt

Marketers, don’t underestimate the impact of the sharing economy

The sharing economy is everywhere. As marketers, we should realize that this phenomenon can have a huge impact on existing business models, so we’d better get ready for a future where sharing will become the new owning. Collaborative consumption is of all times. I’m sure many of you will have known those times when it …

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Dirk Blondeel

We are moving

After the take-over by Quanteus, as a first synergy, we will share offices with Quanteus. We will move during the weekend of 28 and 29 of June 2014 to our new address: Park Lane Building C, Culliganlaan 2, 1831 Diegem, Belgium. You can find detailed route descriptions here.

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Valentine Dautricourt

The sustainability benefit of a good old chuckle: take it seriously.

Before you start reading this paper, close your eyes and think of your three preferred advertising spots. Even if you are someone who always skips commercial breaks on TV, there must be some of them you accidently watched and – to some extent – enjoyed. Now my question to you: isn’t at least one of …

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Dirk Blondeel

Persbericht: Van enkel kosten besparen wordt niemand rijk

Het door de crisis getroffen marketingbureau The House of Marketing heeft onlangs een doorstart gemaakt onder de vleugels van de consultant Quanteus. Samen willen ze bedrijven opnieuw laten focussen op groei. The House of Marketing (THoM) is een bekende naam in het marketingwereldje. Het bedrijf werd in 1995 uit de grond gestampt door het duo …

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Dirk Blondeel

Press release: The House of Marketing and Quanteus join forces for a better future

In the past months, the management of The House of Marketing has been taking some important initiatives to better prepare the company for the future. We are now very happy to inform you that Quanteus has acquired the activities of The House of Marketing. Together with Quanteus, we are convinced that we will be able …

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Céline Van Gansbeke

Is real-time marketing only about cookies?

I don’t think so. According to me, real-time marketing is not just about tweeting during important events; it is about finding ways to engage with people by discussing topics that are relevant to them in real-time. But let’s begin at the beginning… Real-time marketing made its first important appearance with Oreo and, until now, has …

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Paulien Peeters

How to keep your customers? The difference between customer retention and loyalty

In today’s competitive market in which customers switch swiftly between brands, concepts like customer retention and loyalty keep marketers and salesmen awake at night. However, before defining marketing strategies that will increase customer lifetime, you need to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Is it a retention strategy that will enable you to …

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Valerie Vos

Climbing the stairway to success… through consumer irritation?

These turbulent times of economic recession force companies to reinvent their business and to stand out from the competition. Remarkably, it seems that a lot of companies seek the Holy Grail in consumer irritation. Communicating every message everywhere at every time is the new strategy of marketers who only try to generate sales at the …

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Séverine Schaus

How P&G launches its corporate brand in Belgium through a FACTS-proven campaign.

As you surely already know, we strongly believe at The House of Marketing that good Marketing must be more FACTS: more Focused, more Agile, more Creative, more Tangible and more Sustainable (click here for more info). 5 guiding principles that sound logic and back to the basics, but hard to put into practice. But this …

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Eline Van Hollebeke

Don’t just do something with digital technology

Yesterday I wanted to make a recipe everyone knows and most of us love: macaroni & cheese. I took my iPhone, found one of the many similar recipes and bought the necessary ingredients. After finishing the most difficult part, the bechamel sauce, I was very pleased with the result. Now imagine someone telling me ‘make …

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