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Lara Spaan

M-score: the importance of a vision on communication in politics

Every morning when driving to work on the E40 from Hoegaarden to Waver, I always listen to the radio. It’s a way to get ready for the day. Sing along, laugh with the fine humor of Siska Schoeters and go over the planning of the day in my head. Yesterday morning something in the news …

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Our omnichannel workshop at RetailSonar Day 2015

The House of Marketing presented at the RetailSonar Day 2015, an event for retailers who are interested in getting grip on their omnichannel dynamics and eager to successfully integrate on- and offline in their strategies. THoM’er Bart De Bodt and Dirk Oosterlinck explained how to develop a successful omnichannel strategy. We are happy to share …

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Our must-read list after attending the Vlerick Marketing Colloquium

The House of Marketing had an inspiring time at the Vlerick Marketing Colloquium. Impressive speakers gave refreshing insights on topics like startup marketing, consumer trends, omnichannel and creativity. Did you miss it or are you already making your summer reading list? Instead of just giving you the key takeaways, The House of Marketing is happy to …

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Lara Spaan

Sharing is caring, or is it all about the invisible hand?

We are not living in a golden age for the moment, so the decisions we make are well considered. Why should we spend money on products we hardly use, if we can borrow them from our neighbors or friends? The saved money can be used to go to a concert or travel to South-Africa. Many …

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Quanteus acquires Brussels communications firm Hello Agency

  Brussels, 20/04/2015 – Quanteus has reached an agreement with, the Regional Investment Company of Brussels (GIMB/SRIB) on the takeover of Hello Agency, a Brussels-based communications agency.  Hello Agency, which specialises in retail communications, will continue to pursue its activities independently under the same name. Quanteus  previously took over fellow marketing advisory and expertise centre …

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Eline Van Hollebeke

If Creativity is your goal, then you’re definitely missing the point!

I’m driving home in my car at the end of a very demanding week that has made me yearn for the weekend. There has been an accident, of course, which has created a dreadful traffic jam. I knew I would be driving for hours. Never thought this moment could evoke real creativity… New buzzword in …

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Bart De Bodt

Marketing these days is all about customer processes

A few days ago, I had a nice discussion with an old friend. I was talking about the importance of consumer friendly processes, such as an easy account opening process at an online bank. He agreed that it is important but for him it had nothing to do with marketing. I couldn’t disagree more. For …

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Sébastien Piret


The pharmaceutical industry is highly specific. Due to strict regulations, marketers are not allowed to promote their products to patients directly. They have to communicate to healthcare professionals instead. The way which they can communicate is also highly regulated. Products are often complex and depend on studies, protocols and results. In this context, pharmaceutical marketers …

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Kris Vansanten – Grégory Delens

Freedom of Speech in Marketing

Discussions on freedom of speech have recently come up again after the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris and the inflammatory calls for terrorist support on social media from influential supporters of the ideology behind those attacks. The right to express any opinion without censorship or restraint is one of the fundamental rights of our Western …

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Valerie Vos


Let’s start with a short recap of my previous ‘point of view’ piece; “Preparing yourself for an omni-channel world: What’s it all about and how can you get there?” The difference between online and offline channels is a current hot topic in retail markets. Why are we talking about ‘the difference’? Because in most cases, …

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