Een overzicht van onze nieuwsberichten

Karel Ingelbeen

Retailer, keep up with your digital customers or lose forever

A couple of months ago I moved to Brussels to live closer to my new job. After having found a nice apartment in a fairly quiet street I soon came to the conclusion that having a fridge was rather essential. As a young Gen Y member raised with all the benefits of the Internet I …

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Kristien Schrauwen

Local marketers, become intrapreneurs!

According to our Marketing Zoom on the way marketing is organized, Belgian marketing branches often hold more of an executional role, while strategic decisions are taken on a global level. 67% of marketers indicate that marketing decisions on brand execution and communication are made locally and only 42% have a say in the brand strategy. …

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Festival Marketing Survey – Festival sponsoring is powerful, but 80% of marketers find it difficult to measure the impact

The House of Marketing created the Festival Marketing Survey: a short and fun survey about the sponsoring of Belgian music festivals, the profile of the typical festival visitor and the most impactful activations to get in touch with the festival visitors. No endless analysis but a clear infographic reveals all the results and gives you more time to eat, sleep, …

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The House of Marketing presenteert de resultaten van de Festival Marketing Survey – INFOGRAPHIC

  ZIE VOLLEDIGE INFOGRAPHIC MET RESULTATEN ONDERAAN Marketeers vinden festivalsponsoring krachtig Toch ondervindt 80% moeilijkheden om de impact ervan te berekenen Diegem 23/7/2015 – Naar aanleiding van het festivalseizoen, stuurde marketingconsultingbureau The House of Marketing een survey uit naar Belgische marketeers. Het onderzoek peilde naar het belang van festivalsponsoring voor marketeers, naar het typische profiel …

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The House of Marketing présente les résultats du Festival Marketing Survey – INFOGRAPHIC

CONSULTEZ L’INFOGRAPHIC AVEC LES RESULTATS EN BAS Sponsoriser un festival est un moyen puissant selon les marketeurs Pourtant, 80% éprouvent des difficultés pour en calculer l’impact Diegem, 23/07/2015 – Suite à la saison des festivals The House of Marketing, un bureau de consultance en marketing, a envoyé une étude aux marketeurs belges. Celle-ci les interrogeait …

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Karolien Vanhelden

The ten commandments of Tomorrowland

People from all over the globe gathered again at the holy grounds of Tomorrowland. This unforgettable experience can be considered as a corporate religion, with few chosen ones. To stay in this spiritual mindset, I will summarize the important marketing lessons of this spectacular event in the form of 10 commandments. For eons the 10 …

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askMARK. – New marketing offering for small and medium-sized companies

Are you a SME or a start-up? Then your marketing impact is only one question away with askMARK. A lot of companies are in need of marketing help for attracting new customers, for managing the website, for launching new products, for developing folders, for organizing events,… but they don’t have the time nor the knowledge to really …

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Lara Spaan

M-score: the importance of a vision on communication in politics

Every morning when driving to work on the E40 from Hoegaarden to Waver, I always listen to the radio. It’s a way to get ready for the day. Sing along, laugh with the fine humor of Siska Schoeters and go over the planning of the day in my head. Yesterday morning something in the news …

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Our omnichannel workshop at RetailSonar Day 2015

The House of Marketing presented at the RetailSonar Day 2015, an event for retailers who are interested in getting grip on their omnichannel dynamics and eager to successfully integrate on- and offline in their strategies. THoM’er Bart De Bodt and Dirk Oosterlinck explained how to develop a successful omnichannel strategy. We are happy to share …

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Our must-read list after attending the Vlerick Marketing Colloquium

The House of Marketing had an inspiring time at the Vlerick Marketing Colloquium. Impressive speakers gave refreshing insights on topics like startup marketing, consumer trends, omnichannel and creativity. Did you miss it or are you already making your summer reading list? Instead of just giving you the key takeaways, The House of Marketing is happy to …

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