Karolien Vanhelden

The House of Marketing at the &THEN conference in Boston – Insights Day 3

&THEN delivers marketing experience via different tracks. In my first update I covered the applied learning when talking about the Voice of Customer. Day 2 was all about inspiration with the keynote speakers. This last update combines both an impact session on loyalty and best practices in email marketing. Building a loyalty strategy in the …

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Karolien Vanhelden

The House of Marketing at the &THEN conference in Boston – Insights Day 2

A day full of inspiration, creativity, disruption and (r)evolution! The keynote speakers were brilliant, visionary, progressive and insightful in their own way. Blake Mycoskie, also known as Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, revolutionizes retail. Jon Iwata, the “Think Big” Senior VP Marketing & Communications of IBM, is building a data-driven world via artificial intelligence. Kevin …

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Karolien Vanhelden

The House of Marketing at the &THEN conference in Boston – Insights Day 1

At the first day of the &THEN global marketing event in Boston, I participated in a workshop about Engagement & Experience. To truly engage and connect with customers you need to embrace and capture their voice in every step of the marketing process. Of course, I already heard of VoC (Voice of Customer), but I’ve …

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Be the first to gain the insights of the DMA conference in Boston

Fill out the form below and receive the insights! The House of Marketing has the wonderful opportunity to attend the Most-Intensive-Marketing-Event-of-the-Year, the DMA 2015 conference in Boston! This global next-generation marketing experience for the new generation of digital, data-driven marketers covers a lot of hot marketing topics from Customer Experience over Analytics to Innovation. “&THEN”, as …

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Kristien Schrauwen

Sustainability: An important marketing responsibility

Dear Marketer, Are you actively working on the triple bottom line (Planet – People – Profit) of your products/services? I strongly believe that this is your responsibility as a marketer. Why is sustainability the responsibility of marketers? Recent Nielsen research found that more than 50% of consumers are willing to pay a premium price for …

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Chloé Girard

Why should you definitely hold an immersion camp to bring out the best of your team?

As a child, I have always loved the 1st week of September. The fresh smell of new books filling the air thrilled me. At that time, “back-to-school” was mainly about the excitement of trying out my school supplies and getting to know my new buddies & teachers. Exams and homework basically were just vague and …

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Karel Ingelbeen

Retailer, keep up with your digital customers or lose forever

A couple of months ago I moved to Brussels to live closer to my new job. After having found a nice apartment in a fairly quiet street I soon came to the conclusion that having a fridge was rather essential. As a young Gen Y member raised with all the benefits of the Internet I …

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Kristien Schrauwen

Local marketers, become intrapreneurs!

According to our Marketing Zoom on the way marketing is organized, Belgian marketing branches often hold more of an executional role, while strategic decisions are taken on a global level. 67% of marketers indicate that marketing decisions on brand execution and communication are made locally and only 42% have a say in the brand strategy. …

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Festival Marketing Survey – Festival sponsoring is powerful, but 80% of marketers find it difficult to measure the impact

The House of Marketing created the Festival Marketing Survey: a short and fun survey about the sponsoring of Belgian music festivals, the profile of the typical festival visitor and the most impactful activations to get in touch with the festival visitors. No endless analysis but a clear infographic reveals all the results and gives you more time to eat, sleep, …

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The House of Marketing presenteert de resultaten van de Festival Marketing Survey – INFOGRAPHIC

  ZIE VOLLEDIGE INFOGRAPHIC MET RESULTATEN ONDERAAN Marketeers vinden festivalsponsoring krachtig Toch ondervindt 80% moeilijkheden om de impact ervan te berekenen Diegem 23/7/2015 – Naar aanleiding van het festivalseizoen, stuurde marketingconsultingbureau The House of Marketing een survey uit naar Belgische marketeers. Het onderzoek peilde naar het belang van festivalsponsoring voor marketeers, naar het typische profiel …

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