Travel back with us to the Dublin Web Summit!

The House of Marketing goes Dublin! Find out what our THoM’ers discovered during their three days at the Web Summit! Facebook offices, Google offices and testing new technologies… everything they learned in a quick recap here!   Click here to open the sway presentation

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Dennis De Cat

Are you dronevertising in 2016?

Drones are hot. For real. Whoever got the chance to visit the Websummit (link: in Dublin or The Next Web Conference (link: in Amsterdam should already be convinced of the message that technology is taking over  also in marketing. Dronevertising is the use of one or more unmanned, aerial drones for advertising & …

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Eline Van Hollebeke

Why we love Wearables (and you should, too!)

Together with 5 other THoM’ers I was present at the Web Summit in Dublin. We saw a lot of speakers, spoke with many different and promising start-ups and tested the coolest new technologies, but one topic caught my interest: Wearables, Internet of Things and the effect it will have on marketers I created a sway …

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Nicole Berx

The top 10 new tools I discovered at MarTech Europe

I already shared my insights gained at Scott Brinker’s first European edition of the MarTech Conference: technology is an essential enabler for marketing today. But from Matt Lerner (a digital marketer who turned VC) and Ian Cleary (CEO of Razor Social) I learnt about these (amongst other) pieces of MarTech genius: Cool tools: : keeps track …

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Dennis De Cat

A blueprint for rocking Facebook marketing – Day 2

In my previous blog post I already revealed insights that you won’t get without being in direct contact with Facebook professionals. My first day of a two-days session at the Facebook offices was about understanding your audience by digging into your data. The second day was about translating your brand purpose into storylines and content themes during a …

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12 quotes to keep in mind from the Web Summit

Our THoM’ers really got inspired at the Web Summit in Dublin last week. Make sure to discover the 12 most inspirational quotes from the Web Summit!  Interested ? Don’t hesitate to contact us for further insights

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Dennis De Cat

A blueprint for rocking Facebook marketing – Day 1

I work as a digital marketing consultant for The House of Marketing at a large FMCG company in the food and beverages industry. The brand with which I’m involved has been doing great things with the largest digital platforms in recent years. However, performance, creativity and the ROI on media investments have decreased in the past …

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Inge Van Israël

Pay-to-play: Will Net Neutrality damage digital marketing efforts?

Imagine you’re a marketer and you want to launch a paid search campaign. The budget has finally been approved and the campaign is starting to generate clicks. Perfect scenario, you’d think? Well, now imagine that Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as Telenet, Proximus and Mobistar, are allowed to manage internet traffic and deliver data at …

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10 Web Summit start-ups to watch in 2016

The House of Marketing goes Dublin! At the second day at the Web Summit in Dublin THoM’ers Dennis, Eline, Laetitia, Steven, Dennis and Lara discovered a lot of interesting and innovative start-ups. Check out the 11 start-ups you definitely need to watch in 2016!

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11 tips for start-ups to stand out from the crowd @ the Web Summit in Dublin

The House of Marketing goes Dublin! THoM’ers Dennis, Eline, Laetitia, Steven, Dennis and Lara attend the Web Summit in Dublin, for three days the place where the tech world meets. More than 40 000 attendees from 134 countries, more than 1000 speakers and more than 200 start-ups with a 1m2 booth are present at the Web Summit. How can …

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