Kris Vansanten

Why partnering is a must to thrive in the digital age

Summary: Traditional companies are looking for ways to cope with the disruptive change associated with the digital revolution. We believe strategic partnerships with selected newcomers provide the answer. To maximize chances for success, a well-thought partnership strategy must be developed and implemented. After a full three-day immersion at the 2014 Dublin WebSummit, even the most …

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The House of Marketing couronne Nathalie De Biolley et Niels Van Wijk comme Marketing Genius 2015!

Nathalie De Biolley et Niels Van Wijk ont impressionné le jury et porteront le titre de ‘Marketing Genius 2015’ pour l’année à venir. Le 6 décembre prochain, les gagnants du concours présenteront leur point de vue devant la crème de la crème de la communauté marketing de Belgique au Congrès International du Marketing organisé par …

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The House of Marketing bekroont Nathalie De Biolley en Niels Van Wijk tot de Marketing Geniuses van 2015!

Nathalie De Biolley en Niels Van Wijk imponeerden de jury en dragen nu één jaar lang de titel ‘Marketing Genius 2015’. Op 6 december zullen de winnaars hun standpunten toelichten voor het kruim van de Belgische marketing community op het Internationaal Marketingcongres van STIMA.   Diegem, 27 november 2014 – The House of Marketing, het …

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Bart De Bodt

Is digital transformation also dead?

Summary: Some people believe digital marketing is dead and I tend to agree. And if digital marketing is dead, is digital transformation dead too? Absolutely! Some people believe digital marketing is dead and I tend to agree. Don’t get me wrong, I think digital is more important than ever, but it should be an intrinsic …

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Lies Taerwe

Hierarchy Disrupted – How to organize for growth?

“It’s not about surviving in disruption; it’s about becoming the disruptor.” After a hectic taxi ride in the streets of Dublin and a high-tech cappuccino with extra chocolate very kindly offered at the Dropbox stand, it is this quote from Digiday’s president Brian Morrisey that truly woke me up on the morning of November 4. …

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Dirk Blondeel

How can Marketers, the new pirates, find and unlock their “Big Data” treasure?

Summary: Big Data is merely a tool that can create relevance for consumers and gain and keep their trust in your company and your products. At the 2014 Dublin WebSummit, Big Data was naturally on the agenda multiple times and looked at from different angles. That helped me make up my mind about how Marketers …

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Pieter Lievyns

Technology as an accelerator for consumer-driven disruption

Summary: If you want to go down the path of disruption, technology is not the end state.  Consumer experience is; technology is merely an accelerator! The Dublin Web Summit was really a Walhalla of technology-driven innovative companies. From the big success stories to the alpha and beta startups that were almost crying out for investment. …

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Flanders DC mentioned our summary of World Creativity Forum

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Communiqué de presse: présentation des résultats du Marketing Zoom 2014 – Le rôle changeant du marketing : moins de pouvoir, plus d’influence

Diegem 17/11/2014 – Chaque année, l’entreprise de consultance en marketing The House of Marketing analyse les tendances générales et les défis du marketer dans son Yearly Marketing Survey. Le Marketing Zoom est une spin-off du Yearly Marketing Survey qui se focalise sur un sujet marketing spécifique. Pour sa première édition, The House of Marketing s’est …

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Persbericht: resultaten van de Marketing Zoom 2014 – De veranderende rol van marketing: minder macht, meer invloed

Diegem 17/11/2014 –  Elk jaar onderzoekt het marketingconsultancybedrijf The House of Marketing de algemene trends en uitdagingen van de marketeer in de Yearly Marketing Survey. De Marketing Zoom, een spin-off van de Yearly Marketing Survey, zoomt in op specifieke marketingtopics. In de eerste editie van dit onderzoek ging The House of Marketing na hoe marketing …

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