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Kris Vansanten – Grégory Delens

Freedom of Speech in Marketing

Discussions on freedom of speech have recently come up again after the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris and the inflammatory calls for terrorist support on social media from influential supporters of the ideology behind those attacks. The right to express any opinion without censorship or restraint is one of the fundamental rights of our Western …

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Valerie Vos


Let’s start with a short recap of my previous ‘point of view’ piece; “Preparing yourself for an omni-channel world: What’s it all about and how can you get there?” The difference between online and offline channels is a current hot topic in retail markets. Why are we talking about ‘the difference’? Because in most cases, …

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The House of Marketing en de Unie van Belgische Adverteerders presenteren de resultaten van de Yearly Marketing Survey 2015

    Omni-channeling is de realiteit Slechts 22% van de marketeers geeft echter aan op de goede weg te zijn Diegem 2/3/2015 – Aangezien The House of Marketing elk jaar de trends en uitdagingen van de marketeer onderzoekt en de Unie van Belgische Adverteerders de inzichten en trends in media en communicatie volgt, werden voor …

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The House of Marketing et l’Union Belge des Annonceurs présentent les résultats du Yearly Marketing Survey 2015

  L’omni-channel est la nouvelle réalité Seulement 22% des marketeers confient être sur la bonne voie Diegem 2/3/2015 – Étant donné que The House of Marketing analyse tous les ans les tendances et les défis auxquels est confronté le marketeer et que l’Union Belge des Annonceurs suit les évolutions et les tendances en matière de …

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Bert Van Eeckhoudt

How a private label can turn into a lovebrand. The story of Cara Pils.

A few weeks ago. Drama. The Retailer Colruyt, when working on a rebranding strategy for its private labels, announced that the name of their private label beer, Cara Pils, would be changed to Everyday Pils, in line with hundreds of other Colruyt private label products. What followed was a real media storm with thousands of …

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Paulien Peeters

How can you unleash your creative confidence?

In today’s turbulent market environment, where pretty much everything has already been done, creativity is a valuable resource for Marketers. Given its worth, The House of Marketing has incorporated creativity into our FACTS* vision. However, many Marketers don’t consider themselves creative – they have two left hands, haven’t ever had a ‘Eureka!’ moment and their …

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Valerie Vos


A current hot topic in retail markets is the difference between online and offline channels. Why are we talking about ‘the difference’? Because in most cases, online and offline are still considered to be  totally separate entities. Although consumers already think, handle and buy in an integrated way, retailers persist in approaching them in different …

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Dirk Blondeel

How can Marketers, the new pirates, find and unlock their “Big Data” treasure?

Big Data is merely a tool that can create relevance for consumers and gain and keep their trust in your company and your products. At the 2014 Dublin WebSummit, Big Data was naturally on the agenda multiple times and looked at from different angles. That helped me make up my mind about how Marketers can …

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Bart De Bodt

Is digital transformation also dead?

Some people believe digital marketing is dead and I tend to agree. Don’t get me wrong, I think digital is more important than ever, but it should be an intrinsic part of everything we do as Marketers. Other people (mostly people with digital in their job title) will argue that a lot of Marketers still don’t …

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THoM’er Dirk Blondeel participated in the debate during the Marketer of the year event

It is in the mission of The House of Marketing to support and strengthen the Marketing community in Belgium. With that purpose in mind, we became partner of the ‘Marketer of the year’  event, organized by STIMA & Roularta (Trends). On the 19th of November we were thus present at the gala event with a …

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